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    Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

    I’m re-listening to the album now and I was just about to come in to say how amazing this song is!
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    Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

    I really like I Was Gonna Cancel and really the whole Kiss Me Once album, I feel like it kind of gets a bad rap sometimes? The only dud is Beautiful (stream Everything Is Beautiful) but the rest of the album is wall to wall bops!
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    Chlöe Bailey - In Pieces

    On first listen my standouts are Looze You, Cheatback and of course Body Do, but yeah, this whole thing is very middling - nothing hits the heights of Have Mercy or Surprise which I loved, and we know the talent is there so it’s a shame!
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    Pop Underrated - Documentary Ideas

    Just recently finished the Sugababes episodes, and I can truly say they informed me so much and changed my whole perspective on the band! Just chiming in to say I would absolutely love a Kelis deep dive - it would be so interesting to hear about the earlier days and the controversy / shadiest...
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    Video Games

    I’m planning on playing this soon, interested to hear what you think!
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    Lady Gaga

    Perfect Illusion Bad Romance Born This Way Applause Just Dance Stupid Love Crazy that Perfect Illusion has crept it’s way to the top when I wasn’t too sure about it initially - I guess I simply wasn’t ready!
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    Madonna - 15th Album

    I don’t know why, but I have a feeling another GP darling era could be coming, maybe for the first time since Confessions. Give us a hit, Mom!
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    American Life will always be a Top 3 Madonna album for me, along with Erotica and Hard Candy (don’t judge me). X-Static Process is a career highlight, such simple songwriting yet so, so effective.
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    Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

    Thanks so much guys! With the Birmingham Pride announcement I think I’ll stick to that, can’t wait!
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    Square Enix

    I’ve just now realised NEO: The World Ends With You is being added to PS Plus next week, is it as amazing (imo) as the first game?
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    Alison Goldfrapp - "So Hard So Hot" + The Love Invention (May 12)

    Listening to this as well as Fever and Digging Deeper for the first time, and all three are euphoric.
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    Gwen Stefani - 5th Album

    Do we think she’ll release any music to coincide with the tour? Not that it would be a hit, but it could at least remind people she’s still active…
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    Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

    Does anyone have any insight into the timings for their performance at Liverpool racecourse? I’m thinking about buying a ticket but have a birthday party in the evening - on Ticketmaster it says it would start at 16:15 but I’m not sure if that means the girls or the horses. Any guidance would...