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  • The lashings by the forum, ha powah, ha penetration.

    "Katy Perry is a better popstar."












    It's not that I don't wanna like you coz I really tried
    And I just wanna post with the old you for just one PJ night adieu
    Have a PM with your former self
    We both won't act like someone else
    Maybe then we'd both tell the truth
    For just one PJ night adieu...


    Of what do you speak of precious?

    Catheter to Catheter? I don't know ha.

    If I have to explain the thematic cohesion of Born This Way to these imbecilic cretins one more time I think I'll put a batpig through a wall.

    That 2 you gave to Brown Eyes in the Googoo rate though ...

    Bae, I don't know how many Christmas card lists your petulant ass actually makes it on but they all gonna say Merry Christmas on them, you need to look at the message itself for that personal touch. Everyone got different videos and nobody else is enough of a fairweather beyotch to earn that title aside from you.

    You should tape your heartfelt letter to Gaga onto the back of one of your well-worn Britney Jean copies, that way when she reads that ARTPOP killed your interest in her, she'll know that you're obviously a deeply forgiving stan.

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