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  • BB you need to get into my way of thinking and literally wall your heart off. OK so you don't feel anything towards anyone any more, but it beats getting hurt and let down all the time. xox.
    You BETTER slut drop to this anthem.

    Also, forget the guy honey boo, you're worth more.
    Get into Heart Attack immediately or I'mma cut you (out of my life).

    Aw I hope you settle back into Uni ok boo! Have you got a ton of work on then? And police officer hey? You better live that fantasy~!
    I'm ok thanks, just working and being my usual flawless self as per haha. I'm going out to 'le gay club' tomorrow so we'll see how that turns out but honestly I'm just looking to dance and have a fun night!
    I'm not ignoring your PM's, my wi-fi is awful up here and is less active than Britney on The Femme Fatale tour. As soon as its sorted I'm all yours!
    Yeah 'you' time is definitely crucial and beneficial. Sometimes its best to just stop expending so much energy and focus in on yourself yadda yadda yadda you've heard it all before haha but I think it really does help.

    And you know you can always talk to me too. And boo I haven't got anything to talk about right now because I am done with the man dramz haha, but if some does arise, I know hew to call...

    UGH I'm sorry boo :( Guys are plain rubbish in general, hence my complete abstinence from their mess. Seriously cannot keep up with the drama and the games that are apparently a necessary standard with the gays. *cyber hugs*

    Chin up, cause you remain flawless and they remain, well there are many names I could type out here...

    Jonathan, some hoe told me you're in the Emma Stone fan club too. I've decided I can no longer ignore all of these impeccable attributes that you possess. So I'm just giving you your moment of recognition! (Beyonce sends an extended thanks)
    OMG DEATH *instantly follows*

    Aw, well I hope it goes well for you boo! I'm off to bed so update me in the morning of how it all pans out! And if he ends up being a cock, I'll hire the hitman.

    Tbf the girl next me did have her hand under her blanket for a good long while so ya know...

    Oh boo I was watching it on a plane, I'm surprised they didn't banish me down into the hold.

    NOW THEN, what is this boy dramz? Who is this tool?
    Ok so I used to think that Penn was the hottest out of the Gossip Girl lot but then I watched, ashamedly, What To Expect When Your Expecting and HI THURR Chace and your tree trunk arms.
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