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  • God no, not yet. My job is a multicultural operation in the Midwest. I plan on moving to Miami, DC, or LA next fall though. Need a change.
    Oooh let me know how that goes. I'm glad she didn't sell her soul to the pop machine tbh, her brilliance really shines in her country/pop tracks.
    I'm not sure how it will rank with the other albums tbh, I adore both 'Fearless' and 'Speak Now' so much so I'll have to sit with RED for a bit longer I think.
    Stay Stay Stay is the one song that I can't get into...and the Gary Lightbody duet haha. We are not on the same page with this are we ;)
    Much better.

    Yeah I get what you're saying about We Are Never actually. Both 'Sad Beautiful Tragic' and 'Holy Ground' are creeping up out of nowhere though and I'm loving them. And the Ed duet. I think it will take a while before I settle firmly on my favourites although I think my top 2 are pretty set.
    Nice choices, although no 'The Moment I Knew' love is blasphemous.

    1. The Moment I Knew
    2. All Too Well
    3. Begin Again
    4. Red
    5. Starlight/We Are Never
    Top 5 from RED please.

    And 500k in first day sales? oop.

    I know boo, the nerve. I am going to wait, but time is just creeping by and I'm all...

    Nooo I gave in and have been listening. So far i'm loving it! New favorites are The Lucky One, I Almost Do, and Treacherous!
    It's very different and alot more rockier than I expected it to be. I also like how she's kinda taken a step back and let the music speak alot louder than her lyrics in this one, a great change of pace. Here for the meltdowns the world over when she drops RED and sells a million again in a week.

    And not forgetting...

    I've already done it boo, I just can't resist the pull of Slaylor. She's done it again, no surprise there really though is there?

    Girl, the 'Stronger' album is dead it's time to accept it, lament its loss and move the hell on to embracing 'Catch My Breath' and its dream-like piano intro and killer vocals. DO IT NOW.

    Also, I am here for some 'Heartbreak Down'-esque song on her GH because you know she will serve it up like no other.
    Great little montage of pics/gifs there, haha!

    Ugh, BLOODY HELL. I've moved into a new flat, and getting internet sorted is still a nightmare! I'm still using a bloody dongle that is running out of data - fast. I'm hoping to have the internet properly by Friday, but bloody hell, it's been a long time coming.

    After that, I can totally skoosh through my rate! Uploading things takes up so much data, so I haven't really been able to keep it going over the past couple of weeks. SADFACE.
    I've seen the full interview, I adore her awkward sense of humour she's adorable.

    ALSO, can we please bathe in the 'Catch My Breath' amazingness please?
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