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  • I cracked and listened to it...and downloaded it. I can't resist the Queen's hold that she has over me Jonathan! I like it but I don't think it will be one of my favourites from her but I can still appreciate how it shits on the lives and careers of the lessors. And No.1 again in iTunes? All in a couple of hours work for Tay.

    Is it bad that I find the lyrics to the verses a little...clunky? that crossword one in the second verse makes me cringe so bad. Am I a fully fledged hater now? Do I hand in my stan card? ADVISE ME ON WHAT TO DO.
    'I'm not counting on it?'

    Erm WHAT. I am, I think she can probably pull in close to 1.5 mil if she really knocks the promo blitz out of the park! I'm sure the Countdown singles will be more country-orientated to scrape back any fans she lost and then when it comes to album release time, shit is doing down. Never doubt the Queen again.

    This is the final thing I will listen to before the album drops. I want to save myself some treats :)
    It's a gorgeous song. It kinda gives me 'Back To December' teas in terms of how it sounds (not lyrical content obv), but that's no bad thing since I adore BTD. It's weird right, I feel that all of Taylor's songs do kind of blend into one another at times bar a few standouts, but at the same time, I still love literally everything she puts I guess what isn't broke don't fix it? Haha, mess.
    'Honestly' would probably need a little re-work for it to be sent to Country radio, but I could definitely see it working on there. To be honest, she needs to start establishing more of a country presence cause she can definitely twerk it well enough to succeed there.

    And DEATH at the way stans can handle release and promo schedules better than their own management.
    UGH don't get me started on how flawless the 'Stronger' campaign could have been if they had a proper and structured release sched:

    01 Mr Know It All/ MKIA (country version to country radio)
    02 Stronger
    03 Let Me Down/ Sun Will Rise (ft. country artist to country radio)
    04 Dark Side
    05 War Is Over/ Honestly (country)
    06 I Forgive You/ Breaking Your Own Heart (country)

    WHY RCA WHY. But enough, I am calm.
    Not you posting that five times on my wall.

    I'm desperately awaiting some new Kelly material tbh, I hope this Greatest Hits shin-dig brings us some new songs. I'll need them to be Kurstin produced as well because his productions have been on fiyahh recently.

    When will Queen T work with such flawlessness?

    Your G&K lists are pretty awesome I gotta say, I love all the songs you've listed but 'Paparazzi' just got old for me and I can't really listen to 'The Fame' anymore bar the flaw-free PG, and as for 'MArry The Night'...I'm kinda over it. I love the franticness of it all and the breakdown is sublime but it lost its spark alot quicker than the other BTW tracks.

    And 'Sober' is amazing, it really is, it would definitely be in my Top 10 Kelly songs. And yay more 'Impossible' love, its jaw-droppingly amazing live (obviously, its Kelly) and I love how she basically introduces it as an F-U to her label, (well she did during the AIEW era but I'm assumming now things are better between them she might not perform it again wahhh).

    And gurl, Taylor is Queen of the World, I'm looking forward to the 1mil+ sales debut of 'Red'...when will and could your faves?

    I think we'd all like to think we're Chris. I'll let you decide whether that's the Aussie hunk or the Glee queen ;)

    And in terms of GaGa/Kelly top 5's:

    1. Bad Romance
    2. Judas
    3. Paper Gangsta
    4. Heavy Metal Lover
    5. Telephone

    1. SUBG
    2. Already Gone
    3. Dark Side
    4. Impossible
    5. Because Of You
    Oh gurl, Kelly's one of my number one fav gurls. She sits alongside:

    Katy Perry

    Could I BE anymore cliche gay? I think not.


    In way of apology, let me tell you this.

    I really, really like the new Taylor Swift song. Not even lying.
    Emma Stone is wonderful, I love her on SNL and in 'Easy A'...I need to see that film again actually, I've only seen it twice. Buy it for me now, thanks.

    And I lits just realised this morning that I wasn't following you back on twitter, so don't come for me boo.

    Tay-**** is a'coming, I can't wait for 'Red' to drop and obliterate weaves and lives.
    So, are we loving 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'? US iTunes #1 in under an hour? When will your faves...
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