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  • Realised I never reciprocated your amazing fabulous-women-gif-post! So here goes...


    This was brought to you by salvia, it's totally. legal. yo!
    Oh man, please. You're awesome and your ideas on the album were amazing. I have a new sense of the album because of it. Stay fabulous~
    I'd her for Dark Taylor. What I'm desperate for her to do is expand on her sound, because her last 3 albums bleed into each other, and as great as they are, they all sound like one huge super-long album rather than 3 individual records. Urban Taylor is a possibility I'm feeling.
    GURL I am so here for your Taylor stanning. Top 5 T-Swizzle songs please. Mine are:

    1) Enchanted - Does any pop song get any better?!
    2) Forever And Always
    3) Today Was A Fairytale
    4) Innocent
    5) Fifteen
    HA I love the Judy Grimes SNL skit, cracks me up every time...just kidding.

    And JUST WHO is that first boy?! I need him in my life from here on out, thanks.
    I'm glad you've forgiven me!

    How cute are these gifs, I love their relationship...

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    I adore the Hunger Games too, but I was seriously impressed with how well Jennifer just brought Katniss to life. It was flawless casting, completely on point.

    Hmm The Hurt Locker sounds like the type of film I'd like, quite thought provoking and intense, so maybe I'll have to give it a go. Do you read much? I've just started 'The Life Of Pi' as I'd heard it was amazing, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

    Glad your weekend was good, bloody heck a 5k run, you da man. What was that in aid of, if anything? My weekend was so-so, boy troubles and then some quite awful news for one of my friends so not really starting the week on a high note but hey-ho. These Disney Princesses shading each other has made it more bearable:

    I'm late! Please forgive Usagi-chan!

    Girl I am HERE for some Jennifer Lawrence stannage (Hunger Games fan are we at all?). I have yet to see 'Winter's Bone' but have had only great things from it, and the fact she got a BA nod from it speaks alot. Haven't seen the 'Hurt Locker' what's that about? I think one of my friends might have told me to watch it at some point but clearly I ignored them, heh.

    How was your weekend by the way?

    Haha, I love her quivering breakdown in the airport. Vera Farmiga is also all kinds of flawless in that film, I love her! And yesss to the 'Fight Club' love, I always crack up when Marla rings and just says 'I feel like my tit is gonna fall off.' HBC continues to ****.

    You said you hadn't seen 'Kings Speech'? Girl, fix that fast.

    You best be sorry

    So I haven't seen any of those movies you mentioned either! Ugh! Why are you undecided on them, would you not recommend me watch them then? A few other movies I love that maybe you'd like to comment on; 'American Beauty', 'Fight Club', 'Up In The Air.' Seen any of those?

    Erm, I think you'll find I did comment on Black Swan, and you chose to completely shade me but side-stepping it.

    Ugh watch it the rest of it! Its such a great show although the quality does dip a little S3 but the last season sees it jump back on form. And there are so many flawless diva moments to GIF and then discuss. DO IT.

    Ok so you haven't watched Ugly Betty?! Remedy this now so that you can understand and enjoy this kind of flawlessness:


    And I have yet to see any of those films, but I do own Black Swan on DVD and have been meaning to watch it but haven't gotten around to it just yet. I feel like I'll have to be really committed to the film when I do watch it though right? It's not a 'light' one is it...
    More Devil Wears Prada goodness.



    ALSO I love the part where Miranda keeps calling 'Emily!" (meaning Amanda) and when she runs into the room she's like 'there you are, how many times do I need to SCREAM your name.' FLAW-LESS.
    Definitely, its so quotable! I make it my mission to include as much one-liners from it as possible in my everyday life.

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