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  • You seem to have flawless taste in movies. Some of my other faves are:

    Pan's Labyrinth
    LOTR trilogy
    Kill Bill 1 and 2 (Just WHERE is the 3rd?!)

    Like any of le above?

    You should definitely see 'The Iron Lady'. Also 'Doubt' is another Meryl masterpiece which you should watch if you get the chance to! Everyone should back in the Meryl adoration

    Haha yesss, keep it up! Isn't this basically the first time our tastes have coincided?
    Yassss at starting to stan for Carrie! Her album is my favorite this year along with Lana's. The wait Blown Away video is killing me
    Yup I have, I thought it was a great performance for Meryl but the film overall wasn't as strong as it could have been. Have you seen it?

    Ugh I adore Emily Blunt too, she makes this film and seriously needed a Supporting Actress nod. This scene, what is life?!

    Last Kiss has been working its way up my list since it came out and after certain situations this year I now think it's my favorite on the album. That or Enchanted as it can't be ignored. I ready for this heartbreaking material too.
    Oooh and Katy was in there. I love that they were so excited for What Makes You Beautiful. Also in a month time was when Taylor released Mine so were getting close to her first single I feel!
    As an apology for letting another day slide without replying to your PM, here is a wonderful GIF of Lady Gaga laughing so much that her hat falls off.

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