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  • We Are Never Ever Reaching For Artistic Development starts playin' like the end of a sad movie
    It's the kinda ending you don't really wanna see
    Cause it's tragedy and it'll only bring me down
    Now I don't know what to be without Speak Now era Taylor around

    What have we here? A post that I've seemingly ignored for eons and lifetimes. Apologies dearest, no shade or anything and I've been meaning to reply but it kept slipping my mind. Your irrelevance is real. (I kid, I kid).

    Anyways, I'm good, no boy trouble or glories in my life at the moment, just chugging along in my job as per usual. I feel like after getting involved with a guy that I need a good 6 month break from any kind of dating scenario, ya know? I am off out tonight to a ghey venue so whew knows precious what the Palantir holds, eh whew knows!?

    Are you doing ok after that cunt dicked you around?
    All in a day's work on SocialJustice...

    I mean, you might want to rise above it and just be all...

    But ultimately you've got to fight for that sweet victory.
    I think I got as far as admiring your lovely beard (<---, not Taylor Swift), and forgot to comment!

    Have you really only been a member since July 2011? I can't remember a PJ without you! I mean, to be fair, I only joined 10 months prior to you, but still.

    Nice avatar! Over one month on, and I'm still reeling from Dec '13's Beyoncé Blitz Special. It's exactly one month until I see her again - given that I genuinely lost my voice after last time, God knows what'll happen this time around...

    I'm not sure a 24 year old wearing a flesh bikini sauntering around with a foam finger is going to win me any fans / get my contract renewed.

    It might work. If it does, I'll include photo's.
    I deleted the first 4 tracks of unbroken immediatly.

    I forget they even exist. With them gone it's her best effort by a country mile.
    I think I might rank Demi above Here We Go Again though. The highs are ever ever so high, and the lows aren't quite unbroken low

    Neon lights though, what an awful noise.

    In Case is the natural successer to Catch Me & Don't Forget.

    Demi on ballads is something else.

    I'm all about Bangerz with miley, a suprise album of the year for me.
    I had a child at school (I'm'm a teacher) say to me "Sir do you like miley cyrus", to which I replied "I'm a bit old to like miley cyrus"

    Basically I lie to children.
    Don't Forget (song) is still all sorts of good, but the album has aged, I can't listen start to finish, but to a 17 year old me it was the shiz.
    Here We Go Again has aged better
    Come Clean is still a mega hit.

    when it comes to Zen I'm all about Replay & Only When Your Close - everything else is amazing but those two are by far and away.

    Also wasn't Meet Miley Cyrus Mileys Hollywood debut?
    Breakout is nice but laced with Duds, the title track for instance - steaming pile of shit.
    Err, these ladies say hi...

    Queen Miley's debut was sketchy at best.

    I'd actually say Zendaya is the best.

    She's not quite Insomniatic / Dignity though, let's be honest
    Ever since you posted Zendaya in the 'Amazing songs etc' thread I've been stanning hard.

    I love her
    I love you

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