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  • Such is the life of a truth-telling icon in a world of blind believers </3

    I couldn't be bothered this year. I don't have enough white shame to be on Tumblr these days.

    But I see you stanning for that song though....

    I was in a good mood after hearing the other tracks so I didn't drag it a biT (though I should have in retrospect) but it is NOT her best song and there are several receipts for that!!

    And we walk down the block to my car
    I almost brought him up
    But you start to talk about the movies
    That your family watches
    Every single Christmas
    And I want to talk about that
    For the first time
    What's past is past
    We have the same shirt. The yellow/white plaid one in the pic you posted.

    Good choice.
    Unffff those oinks and squeals in the production of 'Swine' are giving me sweet, sweet life dear child.
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