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    1. duffy
    2. duffy
      I GIVE IN! I am not typing it again! Well I will later but still. *shakes fist*
    3. duffy
      Do you have the PM?
    4. duffy
      Ah crap, clear your inbox! Flop forum strikes again
    5. duffy
      Did you get my latest PM or has the Popjustice forum flopped yet again?
    6. StratusJM
      I was just wondering! Hahaha. OK then. I will try to survive a day without you, somehow!
    7. JadeFan
      OMG I love the immense Christina appreciation in 'Fave Popstars'. Well done! X
    8. graffiti my soul
      graffiti my soul
      Maybe it's just a vibe I get off him that I don't off the others...who knows! He's beginning to grate on me tbh! Niall just doesn't do it for me AT ALL haha. It's just interesting to find a straight male willing to admit he's a massive fan of the Bieber!

      It's partly the personality of the lecturers that makes it boring, but we spent about 6 weeks on liberalism which was enough to make everyone gouge their eyes out. I think I'll agree with you there, I still love Europe but Asia is better! How long are you in Paris for?
    9. graffiti my soul
      graffiti my soul
      Really? He seems a lot more mature and has a "niceness" the other lack imo. Oh lord I can't stand Niall! Haha. What's weird is that the Belieber thing isn't even a joke!?

      I've been doing Political Science here and it's such a bore! But I'm sure Shef will deliver. Asia is further from us compared to Paris and Wales! I mean you can go to Bali and Thailand I guess but you can't just get on a train and go to Japan or Korea!
    10. graffiti my soul
      graffiti my soul
      I like how different he is to the other boys but he talks for ages about nothing! Shirtless ey? Maybe I should watch the highlights haha.

      I'm sure you'll get the grades you need! Still off to Sheffield? So jel! Wow, Paris? So jealous of Europeans, you can just go on trips with your friends to a different country, the furthest I can go is like...Melbourne? :( Sounds like an amazing summer though! Uni has been very up and down but overall good! Thanks, I got the one today confused with the one tomorrow but it should be fine!
    11. graffiti my soul
      graffiti my soul
      I didn't actually, I watched the one in the hotel room ages ago but he was so boring haha. I feel mean for saying that.

      Ah congrats! So that's the end of high school!? Your life officially begins! Yeah I'm good, last uni exam tomorrow :D
    12. graffiti my soul
      graffiti my soul
      sjkdjakdjkas is that from the twitcam from yesterday? All we need is to get rid of the best friend, that'll be my first ultimatum.

      I'd send you one in return but I'm sure you've seen everything already! How have you been?
    13. StratusJM
      Check yo' inbox!
    14. StratusJM
      Seriously! If I DO want a leak then I'll search for like, a minute, and if I haven't found it then I just give up straight away! Too much effort.

      I'm basically the same. It kinda gets to a point where coming out would be awkward anyway because it would just a be a "yeah, we kind of already knew" reaction! That is my excuse for not coming out and I'm sticking to it! If someone asked me I'd probably tell the truth.

      I love how EVERYTHING can be twisted into "OMG THEY'RE IN LOVE". I wouldn't be overly shocked if it was real in all honesty but that could be the Tumblr/fanfics getting to me. I'm becoming ONE OF THEM.

      I don't see why that hasn't happened yet! 'Boyfriends R Us' needs to be a shop, real guys are far too much bother.
    15. StratusJM
      The only reason I even saw the movie was for Cheryl! I thought it would be crap but it's well worth seeing I think! My not downloading leaks is more to do with laziness than willpower hahaha. The only time I ever came close to breaking was Femme Fatale!

      Haha! That's amazing. I thought you'd be out to more people! I'm now wondering if even the friends who bought you that t-shirt know. I GUESS we could share Louis.

      Oh I'm the same haha! I'm so gonna be a nightmare for whatever poor guy gets stuck with me in the future.
    16. StratusJM
      Paris?! I'M jealous! I don't think I'll be going anywhere like that this year. :( The movie was great! I was actually very surprised at how much I liked it. Cheryl was AMAZING. There's one line where she says "that was a national disastuh" and I'm now throwing that into conversation at every opportunity. About the album, I don't know! My copy hasn't arrived yet and I haven't downloaded the leak. All I've heard is Call My Name and Screw You and they're both excellent. I have high hopes!

      You just made me realise I don't have a gay role model. That's kind of depressing. BAH. You can have Harry! I'm taking Louis though.

      Hmm, my birthday is coming up soon. Clearly I need to ramp up the stanning in front of my friends!
    17. StratusJM
      English exam!? Poor you! I've been on holidays for like, 3 weeks now? And I'm not back in school until September! It's wonderful if ever so slightly dull. But I'm keeping RELATIVELY busy. Went "out" yesterday and saw Cheryl's movie - just remembered you like her. Every time she came on screen was a total fangirl moment hahaha.

      Yes! Louis being so gay is one of my favourite things about him. I don't know what that says about me! I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed either but Louis > Harry >>> Zayn > Niall > Liam. I think.

    18. StratusJM
      I've been reading this one called 'Irresistible' (which is really depressing right now) on (such a creative title!). It's like 44 chapters long and that site has like a bazillion stories. Such a busy stanbase! I just looked up the Room 317 one and the description:

      "BEFORE YOU START This fic contains graphic scenes of homosexual sex between characters in later chapters"


      Thank you very much! I can't understand people who don't like Louis. He's so perfect. That said, his Bebo pictures were so awful! Louis without flawless hair = crap.
    19. StratusJM
      Oh my God I decided to look up some of this One Direction fanfiction stuff you were talking about and it's crazy shit (but bizarrely addictive). WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

    20. duffy
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