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    RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

    I just caught up on the episode knowing that Loosey was to be eliminated. I thought she did a really good job. The criticism from Michelle about chemistry and then Ross going on about the shoes seemed odd. Luxx definitely deserved to be in the bottom. I would have also put Mistress there...
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    Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

    I was hoping 'hottest producer' was a reference to a strong body of work and not their physical appearance.
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    UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

    'Not impressed' aren't the words I'd use for the UK PM. But I've been disgusted and livid.
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    Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

    I wouldn't call him the "hottest producer".
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    Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

    I don't know her. But if it's Kylie I'm guessing that means they have the album tracklist done.
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    Kylie Minogue

    I love the opening to Body Language live. Kylie does pop minimalism the best.
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    Kylie Minogue

    After Dark also needs to be switched out. They chose the wrong Cathy Dennis song.
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    Kylie Minogue

    The visuals for Body Language are just stunning. I loved the visual aesthetic of the album sleeve, Slow cover and the cover for RBW in the Slow dress is one of her best photos ever. It's just a shame the music wasn't at the same level.
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    I would have been happy for it to end on season 4. Then again the show is really popular.
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    Kylie Minogue

    Body Language sounds like a rushed project. They should have stayed in the studio a bit longer after they struck gold with Slow, which I think Kylie said was the last song they did. So it doesn't really sound like anything on the album.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    I would be shocked if Portugal doesn't make it. It's one of the few non-English songs in semi final 1.
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    Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

    BMG did say new Kylie in Q1 or Q2. I think that's still a reasonable timeline for a new single and album later in the year.
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    Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

    I don't think they will be waiting for a pressing plant to be available, but they already have a slot for production booked.
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    World Politics

    Yet we never ask how defense is funded, or how France affords its huge subsidies to big agri business.