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    Coronation Street

    That’s Tony and Olivier decorated DAME TRACIE BENNETT to you! I’m still so thankful to Covid that we briefly got her back…
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    My favourite scene of the episode actually - Cherry Jones has such a ball as Nan “I’m secretly as money-obsessed and vile as everyone else but play this ridiculous charade” Pierce. I’m hearing 8… then it was 9… I mean, whatever next!? LEGENDARY
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    Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

    DID NOBODY ON THE PRODUCTION TEAM WATCH THE X-FACTOR USA!!!?? I like Khloe but this show demands a quick-witted and comfortable host who is relatable to the viewers… will the inflated premiere ratings (and massive salary) before it nosedives really be worth it!? Or is this a fictitious rumour...
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    Real Housewives - General Discussion

    I was pleased that production decided she would be the villain without her knowing and letting her do confessionals after the event without telling her they had the audio! Seema immediately guessing what had happened and stirring it up - iconic.
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    Movie comments, outbursts, quips and general chatter

    This plus @Holly Something giving a rare 0/5 review… a seemingly boring Sunday Afternoon movie just shot up my watchlist of “potential camp classics” list!
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    Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

    Stockard Channing is win-worthy too… I highly recommend the film!
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    Horror films.

    And I just learned that Glenn Shadix died, which was a bit upsetting! So… Michael, Winona, Catherine, Jeffrey, Geena and Alec? Yes please…
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    Horror films.

    Not really a horror of course but YES - it was like the first half of The Descent (another that gave me full blown anxiety while watching)
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    Horror films.

    If ever a sequel demanded that ALL of the original cast returned… JUSTICE FOR OTHO!!!! (except for Sylvia Sidney RIP obviously)
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    Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

    But the new Candyman IS the perfect partner to the original!? Is this an unpopular horror opinion and I’m in denial!?
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    Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

    After being underwhelmed by the Saiorse Ronan hype for the new Steve McQueen movie a few pages back… I just noticed that the underappreciated Hayley Squires and DAME KATHY BURKE BACK OUT OF RETIREMENT are in it too… NOW I AM EXCITED
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    Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

    Nocturnal Animals is Top 2 Amy Adams for me (behind The Fighter, ahead of Doubt). I’d only have nominated her once so her awards career is way overrated to me…
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    The Challenge (MTV/Paramount+)

    The Challenge UK was a disgrace - any show that could make me dislike Queen Aisleyne through her complete lack of grit, determination and giving a fuck has dropped the ball.
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    Real Housewives - General Discussion

    Admittedly it’s a low bar but the current cast is the best since the first season… I was nervous Nicole wouldn’t come back (she was not in a good place last time) but am low-key excited for this one…
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    The Weeknd - Dawn FM

    I’m puzzled too - who is still a guaranteed box office draw? Will Smith? Julia Roberts? Sandra Bullock? Maybe the fact I’m drawing blanks underlines the point @Mike made!