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    Girls Aloud

    Sounds like Nadine absolutely slayed Mighty Hoopla yesterday! She always delivers at these festivals.
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    Dannii Minogue - "We Could Be the One" + Neon Nights 20th Anniversary (Jun 16)

    Love this! Hope her TV show gets renewed for more seasons too, it’s fun easy watching and she’s just so likeable.
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    Sex and the City

    Oh I seen that in the article about filming her scene in NYC without having to see the other ladies or Michael Patrick King. And being styled by Patricia Field despite her not doing either season of AJTL. stipulations! This is exciting though, hopefully it leads to a proper return in season 3.
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    Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

    At least she has had 6 #1 albums here though. She’s had some other top 10s just not solo.
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    FLO - "Fly Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)" + Debut Album

    They were great at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. The full set is on BBC iplayer if anyone wants to watch it. They said it was their first ever festival, looked like they were having a ball.
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    Celine Dion

    Celine has cancelled the rest of the Courage tour. Poor Celine, hope she’s ok. I had tickets to one of the rescheduled dates, but I’m lucky enough to have seen her twice already on two different tours. Hope she’s well enough soon.
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    Girls Aloud

    I’m really enjoying seeing Girls Aloud notifications pop up on my phone. We’ve waited a long time! Love.
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    Loreen - "Tattoo" + General Discussion

    Managed to get 5 for Glasgow, but that was with 4 of us trying. The other 3 of us got a “there are no tickets available on ticketweb” message instantly at 9am. Phew.
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    Loreen - "Tattoo" + General Discussion

    Same here, urgh. Hopefully tomorrow!
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    RIP Tina Turner (1939-2023)

    A true legend. The documentary Tina from 2021 (from her own perspective) is well worth a watch. It’s on Now in the UK and Max in the US.
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    The Pussycat Dolls

    If the other girls have been hard done to or feel they’ve had a bad deal, I’m sure they’re free to take their own legal action. Robin not coming off well from that video, as I suspected. Think this whole court case will come down to her putting out an unconfirmed offer to Live Nation and then...
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    Pet Shop Boys - SMASH: The Singles 1985-2020

    I just assumed it’s because the Brits were usually on ITV instead of the BBC, but I’m not too sure.
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    Pet Shop Boys - SMASH: The Singles 1985-2020

    Yeh this is fabulous. Showing Liza - Losing My Mind too, what an incredible song.
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    The Pussycat Dolls

    My partner absolutely adores Nicole, so we’ll definitely be travelling down for this. Never been to a production of Sunset Boulevard either, so it should be fun. (I think the character is 50 and Nicole is mid 40’s)
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    Girls Aloud

    I think it’s the first time it’s been shared. Took me a second to find Nadine, ha. Whoever set it up didn’t consider the lightning. So good to see this pic though.