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    So let me get this straight @TwistedInnocence says that this virus has become political and I agree wholeheartedly but then @Nunya B posts a BUZZFEED article about why theT Cell "theory" is Right Wing Give me a break @Nunya B you have no idea what impact I have seen from these lockdowns and...
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    Tinashe - Songs For You

    Rascal and Play Fight are everything
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    Dawn Richard

    Redemption is amazing. Everything she does is amazing but I love Blackheart and Redemption so much
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    Covid-19: Impact on film & TV

    When is Zola being released?
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    Aluna - Renaissance

    So excited. I Remember was a Blackout level of boppage. So many consecutives stormers
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    RuPaul’s Frack Race Seasons 12 / All Stars 5 / 13

    Yeah that was fun. I guess Ru laughs hysterically at random stuff that nobody else finds hysterical, thats just the sense of humour. That's also could have been something not aired.
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    RuPaul’s Frack Race Seasons 12 / All Stars 5 / 13

    Why was Ru laughing so hysterically at the end of the lip sync? I love Roxxy but I don't understand the hysterical laughing? Did I miss an in joke?
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    Yeah like, I think of a "diva" as someone who is very particular with what they want and very assertive with getting it because they are the star and everyone must cater to their every need if they want the star of the show to be able to do their thing. This "diva" label seems to get slapped on...
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    If show any assertiveness as a gay man you are a "diva". I am a borderline hippy who has no pretence whatsoever. I am not a diva.
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    Yes I love that jacket. Bumpin Bumpin has never got old for me. So many layers of production yet so lo fi at the same time. Go Hard is a monster pop song, Summertime is a jam, Blase Blase is a tour de force. She has so much calm and collected confidence and that was a huge reason for her success.
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    RuPaul’s Frack Race Seasons 12 / All Stars 5 / 13

    What a weird weird episode. Will tea come out later about this episode? Ru was on some hyper buzz... The joke with Jeffrey Boyer Chapman was so awkward. Cracker and Blair were not trying at all during the snatch game. There was so much forced laughter throughout the episode. The backstage drama...
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    RuPaul’s Frack Race Seasons 12 / All Stars 5 / 13

    Is it just me or.......... was that episode full of like unfunny jokes that the judges and guests laughed hysterically at? I'm not referring to Shea or Juju who were actually funny (and Blair's exit was too). Edit: For example, Tommy Dorfman said "i dated Violet Chachki in high school" and Ru...
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    Anthony Fantano said he changed his mind on Something Bout Kreay and said it was ahead of it's time. I am happy with this as it was critically panned in 2012 and it's a successive bop bop bop bop bop bop album. The album is very ahead of it's time.
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    The Oscar nominated Eurovision movie

    Who is that actor who played the 21st Century Viking? Dreamboat.
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    HAIM - Women In Music Part III

    Yep! Fleetwood Mac and Janet Jackson influences = my dream. Thats why this album is so amazing.