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    Slippry Feet - Jacquie O'Sullivan (Ex Bananarama) & Paul Simper

    Any news on the re-issue?
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    The Veronicas - “Here to Dance” + GOTHIC SUMMER (2024 EP)

    I'm not complaining i honestly thought that after Godzilla and Human they had retired for good.
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    Sabi - Chakra Blu (EP) + General Discussion

    I discovered this months ago but still have to listen ddd. Wish her pop debut got released she had potential.Wild Heart, Where They Do That At and Goodnight were all bops!
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    Pixie Lott

    Young Foolish Happy is one of my favourite albums of the 10's. All About Tonight is a pop classic.
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    Usher - Coming Home + Super Bowl performance

    Ok Dad **** and then **** my ***** but not before i ******.
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    Lizzo - Special

    There is this pattern where many celebrities that build their brand on 'positivity', 'make people happy' etc. that turn out to be actually controversial or just pure evil.
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    Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday 2

    Call me a basic white gay but Hip Hop is not a genre i generally find easy to get into. However bar the pop tracks which i hammered to death i also liked Champion a lot.
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    Kesha - Gag Order

    If it wasn't for that stupid thing that obliged her to have at least 6 Puke tracks per album and thus taking up space, many of these unreleased would have been released.
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    Kesha - Gag Order

    Honestly i would really die for an unreleased collection. Lipsha, Shots on the Hood of My Car, Secret Weapon, Boy Like You and many others. She has a lot of lost classics.
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    Older albums you're loving today.

    Amazing Europop album from 1996 published by PWL. Banger after banger. Personal favourites are Do What You Feel, Need You to Stay Tonight and Some You Win Some You Lose.
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    Gwen Stefani - "Purple Irises” (with Blake Shelton) + 5th Album

    It's incredible how Start A War still hasn't leaked. I wonder if those Baby Don't Lie promos were ever printed.
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    Gwen Stefani - "Purple Irises” (with Blake Shelton) + 5th Album

    I wish we could hear the scrapped 2014 album one day! @Hackers where you at?
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    Thank you very much!
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    Is it me or does Live Tonight use an uncredited sample of Young Turks by Rod Stewart.
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    I am in Athens right now. Love the vibe of the city! I would like to know where to buy some cute not too touristy/basic souvenirs. @Vasilios can you help?