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  • They're coming in tonight! (Hopefully...)

    It's okay. You're dealing with it better than I am - my first instinct is to just get drunk every time I remember August 18 5PM.

    (Real talk though, I couldn't even bring myself to add it to my iTunes - I'm a mess)

    I guess it's just important to remember our daily prayer circle with Jonathan and Smooth Criminal until October 27. I've also already picked out my outfit for the album release party:
    "The single is definitely growning on me a bit, the verses were stuck in my head today and it is a fun listen when drunk at predrinks. And I just checked my iTunes and apparently I've played it 21 times, which is something? It's still no masterpiece, but it's not as bad as I originally feared. As a pop phase, it's tolerable."

    I am not the kind of boy
    Who should be rudely barging in on a high chart position
    But you are not the kind of girl
    Who should be making the wrong song

    This is surely not how you thought it would sound
    I lose myself in a daydream
    Where I stand and say

    Don’t say "Yes (to Max)", run away now
    I’ll meet you when you’re out of the studio at the back door
    Don’t wait or sing a single verse
    You need to hear me out
    And they said, "Record now"
    Meet me at the top of the charts
    Kiss Grammy's goodbye
    Take away acclaim
    Cause I see, merit die
    Whenever yooooouuuuu

    I've listened to Sparks Fly and State of Grace at LEAST twenty times each in the past 24 hours.

    God help us all.
    "No ballads on 1989"
    "First documented, official pop album"
    Max Martin x 10
    A Best Damn Thing B-Side as lead single.

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