I am a happily single gay. I never go anywhere without my headphones. If I ever lose them or they get broken it's hard for me to deal with everyday life. I've got a strange sense of humour which can be cutting. But If I insult you it's because I like you. I find it hard to speak in real life but I try to articulate my thoughts in writing as much as possible, but as you can read it doesn't always make sense. But that's okay, put some butter on it!
What three rules should be passed into Pop Law?
1. All Pop production should be based on what ABBA would do.
2. All Pop should be written by at least 1 Scandinavian person.
3. Choruses should be made up of more than 7 words.
What so great about pop music?
The way that it can remind you of the best moments in your life and can say something profound in a short amount of time with a few words. The way that melodies can weave their way into your mind and make you feel all kinds of emotions. I couldn't live without music.
The three best popstars on the planet are...
Agnetha, Frida and Stevie Nicks