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    Carly Rae Jepsen - Kiss

    ^the Bieber Connection. Without that promo fun video those Disney/Nick stars this would probably have taken a little while longer to get big.
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    Wynter Gordon - With The Music I Die

    Can someone tell me why the Til Death (Remix single) didn't blow up! The production in the chorus is AMAZING! I just don't get it! :/
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    Iggy Azalea - "Murda Bizness" & Glory EP

    Re: Iggy Azalea - "Murda Bizness" (Debut single) :/ i wouldn't put Uffie in there (imo), she knew she was bad lol, she was like a satire on the whole produced pop start which started for fun.
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    Iggy Azalea - "Murda Bizness" & Glory EP

    Re: Iggy Azalea - "Murda Bizness" (Debut single) I CAN'T! I love this!!! so awesome!!
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    Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)

    TIMBERLAKE WHO?? Bring It Biebs!! i was a hater but you have now made me a fan! i have literally listened to this for an HOUR straight! ugh! too good! lol! so fresh even though it's early 00s, but isn't that what pop music seems to be trying to go to now.
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    Shit People Say to Other People

    shit rancid gays's more general. And as a black gay, i honestly identified more with the Rancid Gay one. But they're both funny. Can't you combine them both?
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    Shit People Say to Other People

    that's the whole point of a Rancid Gay lmfao! and yea Part 3 was whack
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    Kay - Going Diamond (feat. Kurtis Blow)

    grrrrr! thanks Record i have to resort to finding her songs through other means since it's not available in the US! I really like the Going Diamond song!
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    Kay - Going Diamond (feat. Kurtis Blow)

    Re: Kay (New Interscope Signing) LOVE IT!!!
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    Calvin Harris ft Ne-Yo - Let's Go [3rd Single]

    original version!!! I CANT. STOP. LISTENING!! And i was one of the ones that was skeptical of Neyo!! Loves this!!!
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    Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Second Single)

    Just listened to the Justin Cognito remix and I'll make that the original -so superior in every way.
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    Paris Hilton

    this is amazing. i only heard it once, but i love how it's almsot an ode to 'bitch' tracks lol YASS MA'AM HUNTY!! Weeerrk! Never gonna get released. UGH! I don't understand labels sometimes. And they're blocking every song upload GRRRR!!! Don't they know people wanna hear this. just get the...
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    One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

    i don't know if the Grease like riff throughout the whole song is a tribute or an accident idk, either way i like it.
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    Cowboys vs Aliens

    guess i'm in the minority. i actually liked it.
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    Calvin Harris - 18 Months (Third Album)

    Re: Calvin Harris - Third Album what he's saying about the whole 'I'm Not Alone' sound is so true. that raspy, uplifting synth that's in every song (even though i REALLY like that sound), i'd love to see what he'd bring!