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  • YES dear! It's been surreal experience all week, I can't believe she's managing such success with the album sales as well.

    Welcome to New York, Wonderland, New Romantics, Bad Blood, and especially Wildest Dreams <3
    Well each of us have pretty much been given forum labels for these two who happen to be besties. Might as well run with it!

    Oops, yeah I really should have sent a PM to you at the same time. I'm still relatively new with this site, so I wasn't sure if you got some kind of notification. In any rate, I'm so glad you loved the song! I think our tastes combined make perfection!

    Thanks again for your points that contributed to my first Top 10. Destinee & Paris were part of the girl group Clique Girlz. As I was going back to their music today, I came across my #1 song by them and considering how country it sounds at parts I just had to post it to you. Enjoy!

    Hey! I'm no Saturday's hater and I do not like these implications. You need to simmer down:
    I do remember Glinda, which is why I posted a gif of her on your wall! Just not that imposter...

    AND... says the person that claims to have control over Munchkin land. Now go and join your sister:
    I'm frustrated by the lack of The Saturdays taking off in the US, but I'm very excited for the success overseas!

    Me either! Ugh, we're in this together. I'm going to attempt to get them second hand, but that'll cost a ton. I just NEED to see All Too Well performed live.

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