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May 25, 2022 at 11:54 AM
Aug 26, 2010
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Jan 12, 1994 (Age: 28)



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May 25, 2022 at 11:54 AM
    1. Karma
      LOVE YOU
    2. Square
      I'm thinking of submitting the story to Panorama. #hardhittingjournalism
    3. Robsolete
      SHE'S BACK.....!!!!
    4. Consuelanono
    5. Ensnare
      Glad to see you're finally using your wall!


      Ooft, you know that it's always reciprocal, Mushroom. Always.
    6. SilverSurfer
      You must immediately retract your tasteless statement about Edge of Glory somehow being better than any Bruce Springsteen song or I will destroy you.

      You have 72 hours.
    7. Ensnare
      Happy New Year, Mushroom!

      You'd better remain one of PJ's finest in 2013. I simply won't have it any other way...

    8. Mr Telephone Man
      Mr Telephone Man
      Look around you. This is where the path of hatred has brought us

    9. Kyle.
      Your posts are the breast.
    10. Someboy
      Merry Christmas Shrooms!
    11. Joe.
      Hey! Private message me! Ill gift you girls aloud! I've got a iTunes voucher I need to use up!
    12. Ensnare
      Sorry I couldn't take part in the albums rate on time!
      Just that I actually can't stream music on my laptop at the moment for lack of available internet data, and it wouldn't be fair to tell you that I was gonna take part, only to string you along for ages until I got proper internet (which is actually due to be tomorrow, nonetheless!).
    13. Mikl C
      Mikl C
      I can't believe what you did last night
    14. Ensnare
      Got your scores.

    15. JadeFan
      Mushroom - #3: The ALBUM

      01. Mushroom Like Jagger
      02. Wild Mushrooms
      03. We Found Mushroom In A Hopeless Place
      04. Mushroom (ft. Rob Solete)
      05. Greek Holiday Plans On Hold
      06. Mushroom Bounce (interpolates Strawberry Bounce by janet)
      07. I'm A Slave 5 Mushroom (ft. Rob Solete)
      08. Want U Back ft. Astro
      09. Swagger Jagger
      10. Young
      12. Whistle
      13. Me Against The Mushroom (Fungal Infection) (ft. Jinzo)

      Toadstool Edition
      14. Mu Mu Mushroom
      15. Mushroom (ft. Rob Solete) (Axis Breakdown Mix ft. IotV and JadeFan)
      16. Let It Go (Boxers)
    16. Robsolete
      Excellent points, well made. I think as long as everybody can appreciate that they're the 2 best songs of all time, we're good. And seeing as our stanning is probably 50% responsible for Elephant's smashing of the charts, we owe it to the world to keep it up.

      Let It Go go go go all the way to number 1. This forum was such a dark place while you were away.
    17. Robsolete
      Oh! There's an elephant, standing with Mushroom.

      And that is: if you had to choose between our 2 children (Elephant and Let It Go of course) who would you pick?
    18. poshlopez
      OOOOOOhhhh the shade ... Godtina is sexy right now !!!


      So there is no need to look through the archives ... but still I can't wait to see what you'll dig up ;-)

    19. poshlopez
      Helloooo Mushroom ;-)

    20. JadeFan
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    Jan 12, 1994 (Age: 28)
    What do you think would be the main pitfalls when it came to eating a cake baked by Halsey?:
    Having to endure his company.


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