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  • Hello I'm new could you help me navigate and use the thread. It won't let me send message and stays my intro thread needs approval by a mod
    hi, did you just delete my thread?

    Look, I don't mind if you did but I have posted my comments in the girls aloud forum before about certain topics and everyone ignores me and never reply to me. I don't want spotlight but I feel like no one cares about my opinions when I am a big GA fan. The reason why I wanted to post the thread was to talk about the solo stuff.
    Hey! Yeah I'm not doing too well but help is on its way. in the meantime I'll just have to count on Call The Shots and Call My Name to get me through life! :)
    You've ran out of PMs! Here was my intended message:

    "Hey Mvnl!

    ATRL have asked me if I'd do a song survivor over there. You don't mind me doing one, do you?

    It'll be a far more basic one than yours was!

    Jinzo :)"

    Just PM me your thoughts. I have SPARE ROOM in my inbox.
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