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    Forum maintenance 2/23

    Is it a Twitter or Popjustice thing that embedded tweets with videos on them don't play on the page itself? (If it's a PJ thing: it would be better if it just played on the spot)
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    UK Ladies #1s of the '00s Rate | Top 5

    By being brilliant?
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    Alphabeat - Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore

    Thanks. Hate it.
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    Alphabeat - Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore

    Stine's last album really is enjoyable (Ally McBeal is the one), am I right in thinking it got no CD release though?
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    Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

    I really hope this will be corrected (even if it will be a 'official store' release with like 20 pounds of shipping). It's already on its way to entering my alltime most played 100 albums and top 5 of the past year so its long earned a place on my shelf.
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    The Scream Franchise

    Oh I somehow read over the Stab part. I've read and seen enough to know that's not Scream. And I have seen Scream 1-3 back in the day. Somehow as a teen my tolerance for these kind of movies was a bit higher? I've been really enjoying keeping up with these threads (as well as reading complete...
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    The Scream Franchise

    Wait, they did time travel? (this might be the one argument that might actually make me check out the movies)
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    UK Ladies #1s of the '00s Rate | Top 5

    2002 sure is represented well for what I'd consider one of pop's weaker years. (You wouldn't say so by the 3 remaining songs!)
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    Steps - General Discussion

    The only other 'tour only' originals were Lee's other solos, right?
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    That 'new' collection seems to be mastered really odd. Even Birthday sounds worse than the single version?
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    UK Ladies #1s of the '00s Rate | Top 5

    I Turn To You (Single Edit) gave me One For Sorrow (Tony Moran Mix) in that it completely stripped the song of its emotion for me. It really felt like a remix. I do still like it and can see why it smashed but probably would have appreciated it more if I hadn't been so familiar with the album.
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    UK Ladies #1s of the '00s Rate | Top 5

    Do we know which other songs were remixed for potential singles?
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    (Crap) Girl Bands in the 'pop' heyday

    That's the same group.
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    S Club 7

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    PopJustice Book Club

    Yeah I guess those are what I mean. I see books with them quite often but most times the actual cover is properly printed as well.