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    PantyPoops is that your art on your Instagram? It's HASHTAG AMAZING.
    Haha, claiming me as your fave before I sold out for mainstream forum success. Get that hipster cred!
    K let me go fetch my list. You're a regular 24-Karat buff ting, mane. Also, iirc, you said I was your new fave when I first joined so the taste must be as good as the face. [SUP][SUB][SUP][SUB]<3[/SUB][/SUP][/SUB][/SUP]

    You've exceeded your fucking storage space you complete fuck! I added you. Well, the one with the black and white photo who likes Frank Ocean. I hope it's not one of the others, they have DREADFUL music taste. although one was quite hot.
    Where the fuck do you fuck off to nowadays, you little fucker?
    You can't surely have... a life?!
    You need to rid yourself of miklc's bilge so that you can make room for superior PMs from me.
    Thats what i would have pmed if your box wasnt full. Full of ensnarethesenses bollocks no doubt.
    Man I was in dublin on a 5am drunken trip, were you around? I dunno if we are that friendly.
    YOUR FUCKING INBOX IS FULL AGAIN YOU COMPLETE TERATOMA you promised this wouldn't happen
    PantoponRose has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    I like your thinking. My Irish is shit though... Google Translate to the rescue!


    どのように我々は社会を開始するのですか? Oh shit, wait...

    Conas is féidir linn tús leis an tsochaí? There we go.
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