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  • No, shan't. I shall bombard you with question after question, the first in this long chain being: What does your name mean?

    Just realised that we haven't exchanged 'SASSY AS FUCK' gifs in a while.

    Allow me to produce something which I think you'll like:

    Classy. Sassy. And vaguely orgasmic.
    That's our GaGa.
    I hated Cow and Chicken. Really hated it. I think I knew that it had all these adult references going on but I didn't get them, and I hated that.

    I remember Catdog. Wasn't too into that either because the way they were attached reminded me of the position my dogs used to mate in :/
    Judge Judy and executioner. Did you ever watch Ren and Stimpy or Cow and Chicken? Or catdog?

    "You were such a gay child. Not much changed.

    I've never actually seen thelma and louise, but I've seen the Simpsons episode.

    I have that greek film downloaded you recommended, I'll get onto that soon.

    Spontaneous. Yeh its gayyyy but it's not schmaltzy.

    I think my phone bill for this month is £40 and this hangover paranoia is making me want to take my own life.
    Did you like L,C? It's amazing riiiight? Watch Happy Together.

    Where could you possibly be in September?
    lol, thanks for including the time too. I'll see where I am come September, so I've only marked it into my diary in pencil, not biro.

    And it was a spontaneous decision.
    Did I tell you Lust Caution was one of my fave movies or did you just spontaneously decide to be awesome?
    It's LONG though, get yourself comfortable.

    30 Sept
    The Button Factory
    Dublin, IE
    Tá súil agam do scrúdú chuaigh go maith! Agus más rud é nach bhfuil, go maith, is féidir linn a labhairt i gcónaí ar roinnt níos mó faoi mo bod.

    Those were the best questions ever. You have not disappointed me, and will be rewarded richly in due course.
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