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    What Do You Want For Christmas?

    Well I just bought myself a DJ controller thing for £500 (I got caught up in the moment), and there's really nothing else I want. Money to pay off my credit card would be nice.
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    Fleur East - Love, Sax and Flashbacks

    Baby Don’t Dance is actually quite good! Not too sure about the rip of the sax solo from Chad Jackson's Hear the Drummer Get Wicked... (Ironically enough as the song 'sax' didn't contain a sax riff.) edit: Just heard 'Breakfast', and though some of the lyrics are a bit WTF, I do really love...
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    The Bargain Thread

    I'll have to register for Google Play just for Kylie and Paloma!
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    Fleur East - Love, Sax and Flashbacks

    I know right - it was ridiculous, and then the ad breaks in X Factor even had Sax on the soundtrack.... But why is he not promoting Ben Haenow if he's so good at marketing his acts?!
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    Fleur East - Love, Sax and Flashbacks

    Is it just me or is anyone else really annoyed that the main riff in Sax is by a fake-sounding VST music production, plugin? It sounds like a fake version of a 'brass group' rather than a sax as well!
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    Alien Uncovered

    They just seemed aggressive to me. Not surprised they went early.
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    The Bargain Thread

    It's got to be the deluxe edition every time. Now this isn't *such* a bargain but it felt like it to me. A while back somehow I lost my fan edition of Tangled Up so managed to get it for a tenner on eBay. I literally squealed when I saw the package had come through the post. Yes that was one...
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    Years & Years - Communion

    Re: Years & Years - Real (Single) Desire is amazing. Also love King and Take Shelter- saw them live supporting Clean Bandit as well and really hope they are the Next Big Thing. Ollie's voice! <3
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    Azealia Banks - Broke with Expensive Taste

    Because she is creating an issue.
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    Clean Bandit

    Our UK Spotify now has a re-released 'deluxe' version with 29 tracks including all the old and new ones! Yay! 'Stronger' is the new track I heard them do live and I'm a fan. It doesn't credit the singer so maybe the girl who sings it is in Clean Bandit? It sounds like the black girl they had...
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    The Saturdays

    I love that look AND Mollie. Mollie needs solo material
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    Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once (Album) / Singles

    Re: Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once (Album) / Into The Blue (Single) I need this tour in my life. So bloody expensive though these days - maybe I will have to travel to Latvia for her again...
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    UK Eurovision Entry 2014

    It's not for me but at least they are sending someone modern and relevant. How much would we have to pay Sia for 2015?
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    Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once (Album) / Singles

    Re: Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once (Album) / Into The Blue (Single) It's boring as hell. Plus it's produced by Stuart 'confessions on a dance floor' Price so we expected better than that turgid homogenous lump we got.
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    Take me Home remind me of Nelly Furtado's Say it Right. I'm really liking this EP, but I think that track is the one that will last for me. Even though Jojo asserts that she's an 'ordinary man'(?) - It is a cover though after all. All in all, very pleased she's got new material out. You can...