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    ♡ PJ Charts February 2024 ♡

    I may actually have some promos this month! Starting with the new PHILDEL album... If you aren't super familiar with her, she kinda lives in the same sonic space as AURORA, Oh Land, etc. Magical Fairy Pop!
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    Woke Up With This Song In My Head: The Thread

    "I didn't want to end the dream..."
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    ☠ PJ00s† 63 ☠

    Can't wait for registrations to reopen (in the year 2032) so I can create my alt account: Filler's Face Finger
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    ☠ PJ00s† 63 ☠

    Finally got my ballot done. So hard! One of my fave song contest rounds in awhile.
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    ⊰ PJSC 135 ⊱ ⊰ murder on the dancefloor ⊱ the dance begins ~ the final performance! // Vote by 23:59 GMT!

    Yeah, been taking a little break from this contest. I’m just so awful. dd. Still competing in a couple of the others though where I am slightly less awful! I know who you are referencing though & I hope she does great!
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    PJ Retro 97: Let's Get Physical! 4 days left...!

    Welcome to the illogical pop3 hubris of coming deadlast in the last round & being so in love in with your track this round that you've convinced yourself you're getting a medal. What could go wrong!?
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    January 2024 PJ Charts ~ Albums Revealed, Songs #40-21 Revealed

    After a one month hiatus, happy to say I was able to get a ballot together. Submitted!
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    PJ Retro 96°F ☀️ The Sun Always Shines on PJ (Winner crowned ⛱️)

    Went for a bit of double weather whammy with Summernight Magic (as my artist's name is even weather adjacent). Certainly one of the more talked about entries do its, ummmm, 'obvious inspiration'. Don't know that means for it, but I guess we'll see. Was always oddly surprised she was never...
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    Your Album Collages!

    January 2024 "If I seem to give up They'll still never win Deep in my heart I know the strength is within"
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    Abigail Lapell (Natalie Merchant/Basia Bulat-ish)

    I mean, she's been around a decade... so I don't about putting her in the Potential Next Big thing category here. I just discovered her though (via the really fantastic Hallmark show The Way Home). So here we are. I immediately thought of you @Trouble in Paradise ... as your my Basia Bulat...
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    ☠ PJ00s† 63 ☠

    Well this a quirky little round of songs. @Filler bringing out the best in us.
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    PJ CHARTS 2023: DECEMBER - Jingle Those Bells! Song #46-1 REVEALED. 3 FLs in the Top 5, B*ITCHES!!!

    I know, I know… I missed my first chart in over 5 years! Ugh. Between the holidays, work, & then getting COVID it was a month. Will try to get it together next month.
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    Woke Up With This Song In My Head: The Thread

    Hi there. This one was out of nowhere. Tune, though!!
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    PJ Retro 96°F ☀️ The Sun Always Shines on PJ (Winner crowned ⛱️)

    Weather With You by Crowded House is great. For my money I'll take this meteorological tune from them though! Possibly a perfect a song.