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Apr 11, 2008
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Jan 1, 1991 (Age: 31)
    1. magictreehouse

      Sorry I didn't see your message abut the Cher pre-sale from yesterday. I got an email from Leeds Arena. Have you managed to get tickets?

      1. popBrit
        Hey. No worries. I decided to give the concert a miss. I got allocated good tickets in the general sale this morning, but nearly fell off my chair when I saw the price! I'll see if there any any cheap(er) tickets available nearer the time....
        Dec 14, 2018
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    2. Island
      Your avatar! All Queens! YAAS!
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      2. popBrit
        One strike is utterly amazing! Poor Britney though. Relegated to the great avatar dump in the sky....
        Feb 26, 2016
    3. Island
      In Godney we trust!
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    4. Remorque
      I'm just gonna leave this here...

    5. matthew.
      Nope! Sadly I do not. I just saw yours too. I would love to see her but I don't know if I can be arsed to go all the way to Vegas. I wish that she would just tour again.
    6. Vixen
      I feel incredibly awful and stupid for responding only now to that message you left on my wall...but I mean, we gotta stan for that jam girl!
    7. matthew.
      So will you be taking a pilgrimage to Vegas in the next two years?
    8. Mr. Mr.
      Mr. Mr.
      Yeah, thanks for reminding me it exists! She seems so much more at ease on the radio being interviewed one to one rather than being officially filmed with lots of people watching. I think it's the amount of people focussing their attention directly on her which makes her nervous. She was fidgeting with her fingers again on Alan Carr.
    9. matthew.
      It's in reference to Sky Ferreira holding up her Twin Peaks DVD because she's so misunderstood. So we took that and made something of a meme out of it, holding our 'deepest and most credible' DVDs over our faces. All in good fun, you should join!
    10. matthew.
      Oh bitch can whip her weave like no body else in the business. Except maybe Beyonce.
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    Jan 1, 1991 (Age: 31)
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