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    Have you spoken to a speech and language therapist or only your GP? It is possible to train your voice to alter the pitch. I'm not sure if this kind of therapy is available on the NHS, but speech and language therapists see a wide variety of patients with all kinds of needs. Men generally have...
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    Lisa Scott-Lee

    CD ordered. So excited to receive it!
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    Steps - General Discussion

    Ok. I will stop moaning now! The things we do for HRH.
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    Steps - General Discussion

    £20 for the signed CD and £7 for UK delivery. Eeek.
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    Random Thoughts

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    Random Thoughts

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    Random Thoughts

    For those that don't leave 'Off topic' xx
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    Jessie Ware - “Pearls” + That! Feels Good! (Apr 28)

    I jumped on the Jessie bandwagon during the 'What's your pleasure?' era. I've been listening to her previous albums and I was struck by how 'Imagine it was us' seems to fit with the sound of the 'What's your pleasure?' album. Although Glasshouse doesn't seem very popular (in this thread) I've...
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    Random Thoughts

    The actress that plays Grandma (meemaw) in Young Sheldon played Janine in the Ghostbusters films. Mind blown (this was probably obvious to everyone else).
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    Romy (The xx) - Debut Album

    Super late to this party, but give us more bops...please!
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    BEYONCÉ - act i RENAISSANCE / upcoming act ii

    A gap of three days between concerts at Cardiff, Edinbugh, and Sunderland. More dates to be added? I'm surpsised there is no Manchester date.
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    Jake Shears

    Which site is this on? I can't seem to find it! Found it!
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    Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors

    I wish that they'd included 'My head and my heart' as a bonus track on the album.
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    Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors

    Something in the round, with the floor standing area being a light up dancefloor? More likley it will be typical end stage without even a catwalk.
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    Horror films.

    I'm not sure what I thought about Barbarian overall. I hadn't read anything about it before I watched and it was not what I expected. It felt like a few ideas/films stitched together. I enjoyed the start of the film a lot, which built the tension really well.