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  • Christina Aguilera fans will feel the back of my hand if they post on my profile wall. Don't defile my profile! My hand is tensed and prepared to strike at thee!
    Haha, thought you might like him. Where are you getting those gifs of those three models from? The clean cut guy is so freakin' cute.


    Haha, thanks for that post. Not really a fan of Chad White though...

    Haha fans of Christina need to stick together!

    I still would like to know beardy guy's friend's name in that gif.
    Oh my God that's amazing!! haha what's that even from, some Japanese game show from the looks of it!

    I can't get over Call My Name, that boobielicious gif on your wall reminds me of it! <3
    I haven't been properly on in monntthhhs.

    poshlopez... I'm welling up!

    From one Taurus to another, I thank you for your kind wishes.
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