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  • Well, I thank you for the gift!

    A few pictures of my recently turned ex-boyfriend just came up on my Facebook feed. He looks so good with his hair grown back yet he probably won't give me the chance to see/talk to him any time soon to tell him that, and now I'm all depressed. I miss him so much.
    OH MY. When did that last Christina gif sneak in? Damn, her boobs look so good in that.

    Haha, it won't be anything special. Don't get too excited.

    Christina has taken over my wall, haha!
    There is the other edging, where you *ahem* bring yourself close to, y'know. And then you leave it to settle down and go again, and so on.
    You'll be the first to see the results!

    You look great as you are already. I wouldn't change a thing.
    I'm actually in the middle of a makeover. Shaved head and facial hair done. Now just to bulk up and get ripped.

    No, I don't know those guys personally, I'm afraid!
    Your page is male heaven. I wish I could have them all!

    And good on you. You faced your fears and were honest. I wouldn't expect any less of you my fantastic friend! And gee whiz, aren't you glad you know now instead of waiting and wondering? Now you can move on and find someone who can actually love you as you deserve, and not worry about someone who doesn't share your feelings.

    Day one of freedom! Yay. Also, I love how many social networks we're connected on.
    Chris Evans is my first celebrity crush, the reason I'm gay, etc. He's just such a perfect man... And that Thor can have it as well!

    hiii! yea I've been ok but soo busy. all work and no play makes me a dull boy! how u doing?
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