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    FLO - "Fly Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)" + Debut Album

    JESUS, Stella
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    Björk - Fossora

    ABSOLUTELY. I feel the same. I hate Ancestress, it ruins the sequence.
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    Citizen Queen (girl group)

    DELICIOUS bop!
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    It's beyond perfect. One of my fave song of all time. And this is my fave album of all time tbh.
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    Janet Jackson

    Can somebody help me to get the lyrics to this one?
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    Boys World - "Mantrum" + Debut Project

    Yeah... I think the same way. I adore everything from Girlfriends to All Me. Lately it's being a mess.
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    Björk - Fossora

    Delicious version.
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    Spice Girls

    I'm addicted to this channel. It's so fun to watch.
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    Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

    Beat Is Gone is being THE ONE for me. Mutya's second verse (and the harmonies on "all my fears"), Keysha's choruses and Siobhan's adlibs towards the end. The beats. The production. I just can't....
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    Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

    Is this a proper album? Or a mixtape? I'm confused. But beyond grateful.
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    Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

    Imma have to play it right now.
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    Emma Bunton

    This is SO cute. Also love this:
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    Lauren Jauregui - “Always Love” + General Discussion

    FIRE. She looks amazing!
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    FLO - "Fly Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)" + Debut Album

    This arrangement is SO so good!! (and their vocals and their harmonies)