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  • Not the king of the bumpkins on MY message wall!

    Lemme try again. It was showing up as a wall of grey in the text box and I couldn't get it to go away.

    You know this love is alive.

    Oh my god, PJ literally won't let me respond to your PM why are the powers at be trying to keep us apart?

    Oh bae.

    The poor plebeian fools who don't appreciate Get The Girl; its majesty, its splendour, its supreme and holy chorus of wonders. You'd almost pity them, buT alas we shall have to FORCE the heathens to repent ...


    Taysus Chrift hath spoken. We must purge the bumpkin patch. We must throw potted plants at the infidels.


    Not a single Pitchfork Penelope, Tractor Tallulah or Barley Barbara shall remain unharvested by our scythes. They will bow down.


    Now hold on just a minute.

    You got four albums and eight years into your fave's career before even the slightest rumble in ha foundations, and even then part of said rumble is the lead single thundering up the Hot 100. You got the stadium tours, the Grammys, the critical acclaim, the tween confessional lyricism, the million sales weeks... All for eight years. Do you know how LUCKY you are?! Some people barely get TWO albums in before it goes tits up! Do you know how many careers have perished in the time of Taylor Swift, ha iron fisted grip on the zeitgeist?

    So you will WEATHER this potential fall from grace. You will...

    ...shake it off.
    The prayer circles better have some effect. Ryan Tedder, Imogen Heap, I'm counting on you.

    If this 'Shake It Off' disaster has done one thing, though, it has made me appreciate Speak Now even more for how brilliant. I've been getting down to these sick beats all week.
    You won't need to go back into the annuls of time to find someone shredding their stan card if Señor Goog keeps up with ha Crap To Crap BULLSHIT, sis.

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