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    X Factor UK 2013

    They aired her performance of 'Applause' on Channel 4.
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    What does YOUR username mean?

    Re: Your Usernames: What Do They Mean? Look it up. *sips tea*
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    Nicole Scherzinger - Big Fat Lie

    Re: Nicole Scherzinger- Second Studio Album As a fan of both Cheryl and Nicole, I can't help but feel I'm more inclined to believe Nicole's "side" of the story. Saying that, none of us can really know what happened when they first met. I'm sure it probably was an awkward moment for Cheryl but...
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    Rihanna - Unapologetic

    It's on the deluxe edition.
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    Girls Aloud - TEN (Greatest Hits)

    That chorus. THAT CHORUS. I think this is what I've been waiting for. Something New took a few plays before it fully hit me and Beautiful Cause You Love Me is nice for what it is but On The Metro just hits you like a ton of bricks. It's perfection in every sense of the word.
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    Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Album)

    Teeth is fantastic and was one of the (unexpected) highlights of The Monster Ball. My least favourite of her released tracks is probably Boys Boys Boys of The Queen. Now if you bring her unreleased stuff into the equation...
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    Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Album)

    I'm still annoyed she never kept to her guns and released Marry the Night as the second single. IT DIDN'T DESERVE TO PEAK AT NUMBER 29.
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    Rihanna - Unapologetic

    I think 'Skin' just clinches it for me. It's much more sultry and has an almost haunting quality to it. The final minute of the song is one of my favourite moments on LOUD. I love both songs though. Actually I think the only song I'm not that crazy about from the album is Right Now and even...
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    Rihanna - Unapologetic

    Finally got my deluxe copy today and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Diamonds remixes are actually listenable. Half Of Me is lovely too, it would make a great single to round off the campaign. ew.
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    Girls Aloud - TEN (Greatest Hits)

    I can't tell which track I like better! They both sound stellar though (and would make excellent singles but I'm clutching onto straws here).
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    Girls Aloud - Something New

    So much better than the Children In Need performance. Even if only for Nadine's diva strutting at the end.
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    Lady Gaga

    Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013) I get the impression that "Maren" is either an extremely old, unfinished demo from 2008. Or it's something she's written for Demi Lovato or one of those other Disney Clones. I refuse to believe she's letter herself anywhere within a 1000 mile radius...
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    Rihanna - Unapologetic

    If it's ever a single at some point and she doesn't make that picture the artwork, I will be severely disappointed.
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    Girls Aloud - TEN (Greatest Hits)

    That picture would be slightly more effective if it didn't look like Nadine has no clue which one is Nicola.
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    Beyoncé's Album (It's real.)

    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013) That Freakum Dress performance reminded me of how catastrophically AMAZING the I Am... Tour was. Seriously one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I can't wait for the next. She's just perfect in every way.