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  • Oh. Yes.

    Good to hear! I haven't yet been able to fully get myself into Years and Years but let me go download their singles real fast.

    Zero infractions???

    Well, someone made an oral contract with the mods.


    Better hose off those dentures every once in a while, love.

    YES, as far as international soccer I follow almost every game, down to the early stages of World Cup Qualifying going on now (the Timor-Leste v. Guam type stuff). I root for the United States (obviously) but also some lower countries that have been progressing in recent years such as Iceland and Uzbekistan. Your Belgium just made a big jump in my personal rankings up to #3 in the world: They'd better start getting their act together in those EURO '16 qualifiers though.
    Lovely to read about your little get-together, boo. You're never too old to have fun!
    Wish I could have been there, the pictures turned out really, really well.

    Boo, it's all sorts of whatever. Forgiving someone turns into letting them back into my life and here I am, once again, torn into pieces etc. Eh, I feel a bit less sad than just anxious about it. We'll see.

    Sis, you and I both. Fun times though? Mine was...something else. Let me readjust my head space.

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