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  • Hi there I was just wondering if you could help me to validate my account so that I am able to partake in posting on threads! I got my account a while ago and tried to login again today but I still don’t have permission to post even though I did what was requested and filled out my profile. Thanks so much!
    Is Black Melody actually Richard X or are you lolling sis?
    I can't actually remember. I used to frequent a forum he posted on but don't know if it's here. He also used to respond quite openly to posts on his website (also called Black Melody). So I just assumed it was!
    Born This Way flopped!

    *I wanted to say that even though I don't post in the Off Topic section anymore, and haven't done so for a good few months, I sometimes pop into the Politics thread to see what posters think about the world. I think you're very good in there, and construct strong points in the various debates. I find it compelling to read, and food for thought. So well done. *
    If the mods have already decided to let this be, then please tell me what those two words mean - because I have asked people several times, but no one cares enough to respond to it.
    PS - I'd like to leave a request here. Can the mods discuss and consider moderation of internet slang? I'm aware that the words "stan" and "l.o.l" are banned on the forum. But words like "teas" and "kii" are nonsensical to me. I'm not a native English speaker, but I'm aware that there are slang words. Why are we still tolerating this?
    Apologies for the multiple posts. It would be simpler if your conversation feature was turned on.
    Good day to you.
    I understand that the mods are trying to keep the forum sane and promote healthy discussions. I'm all for that. All I'd like to say is, if you want to delete my comments about Ms. Britney Spears (cos I don't really criticize any other popstar as much), then consider looking at the ridiculous posts that got me to say what I said first.
    There are several strong comments that other people make about various other popstars that doesn't get moderated, but the minute someone says something ill about someone famous, its always moderated. I've also noticed a lot of moderation in the Gaga thread (on other peoples posts).
    3. Since I became a member on PopJustice, I have always spoken ill of Ms. Britney Spears because she has almost no vocal prowess, absolutely no songwriting talent and she's always been a producer puppet. These are forum-wide known facts. However, I noticed on three occasions over the last couple of months that my posts regarding this "popstar" have been moderated.
    2. The strike-through is formatting option that we are allowed to use. Not everything that you strike-through is meant to be deleted. I meant for that comment to be there, I just feel it had no relevance to the main topic of discussion, which was Selena Gomez' album. I don't understand why I shouldn't include such "hot takes" in my posts. Its not a lash at anyone, its just my opinion.
    According to me, this is a strong opinion that doesn't have to be there in a Selena Gomez thread. We're there to talk about her album. I love Revival, but I don't lash at everyone who criticizes the album, because I'm more than aware that each person has a right to say what he has to about the album.
    1. I'm certainly not a new member here and I'm aware that we are allowed to opine on things over here. If the mods are wary that my opinions would lead to disastrous discussions which may stray away from the main topic, how about moderating the nonsense that is posted first?
    I tried to start a conversation with you, but that feature seems to be missing on your profile. I'm guessing its the same for all mods. Or is that something that I have to activate on my own profile? Anyway, I'm writing to you to address the following comment you made about my post:
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