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  • Adorable. I'm so glad they've let you use the public-access computer for more than ten minutes. You've even mustered Google image search.

    I'll let you shade me this once because I know you spent three days assembling that post.

    You know Bey can teach you everything. Show and tell is my fave. Let our lessor colleagues seethe.~
    Bey can only teach the ways of writing credit thievery bb. Come to me for the real things in life.

    Ha. I think it's shameful that you didn't understand my traditional southern greeting, yet I get that northern slang.

    Eventually we'll train you up well enough so that we can talk exclusively in cockney rhyming slang. I've got to hold onto my heritage somehow! Incidentally, don't eat a saveloy when you finally make the move down. They're shit.
    Oi oi, saveloy.

    (I know you're a southerner at heart and I thought I'd ease you into the lingo.)
    Dear Ms Kelly,
    Happy Valentines day, you are my Motivation and more and I thank you for being a better hype man, and all round more reliable than the other one...
    Stay single and fabulous.
    Love always Bey x
    You'll be fine boo. Have you alerted your bank? They should be on the case if they know what's up.

    Also, I caught that shade in the Bey thread, and it wasn't cute boo.

    What is this scam boo? And if it involves sending someone nudes in exchange for cash, I wanna see those receipts.

    Oh boo I caught that shade. A bit.
    I may need to draft in new blood because it seems I'm having some discipline problems with you and Michelle...
    Clearly it needs to be in a nice park behind the Bowlarama!

    Is the train thing an actual train or just some sort of monument thing? It would be so cool to put a monorail around Springfield...
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