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Jun 23, 2013
Apr 6, 2011
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Sep 25, 1992 (Age: 30)



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Jun 23, 2013
    1. Alphableat
      You have no idea how much I want a Sir Put-a-Lots. It looks so cooooool.
    2. Oceandrive
      Gym 2 gays in a row!!!
      This is major accomplishment as you know, I'm thinking of becoming a WWE wrestler haha
    3. Alphableat
      How is yours so amazing?! I just want to hang out there instead.
    4. Alphableat
      I SUPPOSE SO. My Springfield is really shitty though.
    5. Alphableat
      FYI: I hate you. This Simpsons shit is addictive (if a bit annoying without donuts, and I'm not paying for them).
    6. Alphableat
      It would certainly be interesting if he were gay, but then there's the worry that he might not have 'made it' in quite the same way as he'd have been pigeonholed early on. I think for equality's sake, it might even be better to have a straight hip hop star saying they support gay marriage!

      Not much happening right now in Alphableatville... I'm just preparing for my South East Asian adventure. I've got two weeks to go until I go, and I'm so pumped.
    7. Alphableat
      It does seem weird to be offline for so long only to find that nothing of note has happened. It makes me wonder what I waste time on here doing...

      And if Mack follows back I might give his profile a tap (I'm an aspiring MC, as you can see). He earns so many brownie points with me for writing a decent song about homosexuality. What a guy.
    8. Alphableat
      What's been going on, R? I've barely been around this week, and save for discovering that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are amazing I've been out of the loop!
    9. Oceandrive
      Sorry I can't help it! To quote yourself; 'Oceans milkshake brings 'em to the yarddd'
      I'm wide open now tho, thanks for the heads up
      Check on me soon to make sure I'm not dead in da country pls and thanku xx
    10. Sinful
      Well let's get down to it boo~
    11. Sinful
      Well done child, you learn quick.
    12. Sinful
      If you 'ever'!?...child.
    13. Sinful
      You iz a hot mess.

    14. Mr.Arroz
      I know I forgot to tip you. But you can deal~

    15. Oceandrive
      So, last night Sinful and myself decided that you need to come to London and we are going to form an epic trio, that slowly conquers the city. Make it happen Rob... Jade Ewen is on standby.
    16. Mr. Mr.
      Mr. Mr.
      I knew you'd like that, haha. I want one of those.
    17. Mr. Mr.
      Mr. Mr.
      It's been a while Roberto. Here, have this as a gift.

      Get a load of Guzman.
    18. Oceandrive
      Haha, stick together kid we'll make it to the light at the end of that tunnel.
      Btw, I just clocked the 'Unknown' shade from Kisses Down Low. Hahaha good eye! I missed that.
    19. Oceandrive
      As someone who also travels in that boat, I agree. Hold on to that class with both hands... It's so rare around certain necks of the wood *sideyes*
    20. Oceandrive
      You don't need to start telling me about what you have had in you, I don't have that amount of time tonight~
      Btw, I feel obliged to tell you that you are following the wrong Bey account on insta, bcus I was once fooled by that trickery too!
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    Sep 25, 1992 (Age: 30)
    What do you think would be the main pitfalls when it came to eating a cake baked by Halsey?:
    By the laws of six degrees of separation, the bun will have been in contact with Frankie Cocoza and this is obviously hazardous to health.


    I'm about to drown in the ocean.
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