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  • Haha never mind, I can't even remember what I was going on about now.
    I want your dog though, she would look great with Lolly (my baby).
    I thought you would appreciate the Ellie love-in btw ;)
    She is actually adorable and weirdly photogenic haha,I want one!
    I expect the favour to be returned or that Cassie wig will become more Cilla Black~~
    Noooooooo. They're so fucking awful. I like a bit of alternative myself now and again, but they really are the pits. At least the good fight is being fought, and if more people heard Solange and Ellie (whose releases were probably my top two of 2012) because of you, then I'm happy to file you under PJ Heroes.
    Getting paid in condoms (which you refuse to use anyway) is not called getting paid. Revise your standards.

    And "hood"???? Bitch you don't know my life.
    Hater? Ain't nobody hating.

    And ain't nobody calling yo ass with that busted mop on your dome...
    You've used my favourite gif against me. At this point my stock is at an all time low and I can't even bring myself to look at you right now.
    Excuse me whilst I go lick my wounds and glue my dignity back together.
    Bye Rob. I have more shade than a Crayola factory, I just choose not to waste my good material on you.
    Keep it 100% cute and pay homage <3
    Just circumstance I suppose! We seem to have a lot of people in my area who like to audition for talent shows. The Pixie thing was through a family friend who went to the same stage school as her. You're probably right though - it would have been six months of jetsetting and living the high life, followed by two years mopping up her man-scraps and trying to convince everyone that Young Foolish Happy really should have gone platinum.

    I was being interviewed because I was running a big event, and it was a bit of promo (tickets were over £100 so it was critical to get it out there as much as possible!) Sounds like fun getting to pick all the music on the playlist though, even if you have to put up with indie wankers now and again. Any major pop victories you've managed on the committee? Please promise me you'll never let Palma Violets grace your station... they cannot be the sound of 2013. It's too painful.
    Ah, I see. That's pretty cool though. I had to be interviewed for my uni's radio station once and it was a little bit terrifying. I'd love to be the one choosing the music though. I was born to be a tastemaker! (Or at least that's what I tell myself.)

    I don't really know many exciting people in the music business - referring mostly to amateur friends who have made me come to see them play over the years. I do know a fair few people who have been on The X Factor or BGT though, which is quite cool, and I was invited to Pixie Lott's 18th! Sadly I didn't really know her that well (it was a few months before she got famous) and I was busy. I could have been living the high life of a groupie...
    Haha welcome to the club, neither did I, but apparently I gots them. Not sure how I feel bout that one.
    I can't explain the vindication I just got from the last part of your comment. You're officially my fave again, welcome home boo!
    I'm team class all the way mate, despite the slander of people saying I had DSL's. I was innocent enough to not even know what they were *polishes halo*
    I'm sure if Tom like loose you will be right up his street babe don't worry!
    By the way it's cute that you use my page to shout out to everyone. Further proof of my relevance~
    Sloppy seconds?
    Boo it would be a long ride up for us in the car, so we would have to do something to pass the time...
    I promise to hand him over in pristine condition though ;)
    Thanks for placing my mind firmly in the gutter at this time in the afternoon.
    GORL them poles just WON'T LET UP

    But no, I'm just packing and super nervous thinking about being in the Europe! I'm going alone boo! But I will take this country by storm woooooooooooooooo

    Stay bottom-feeding trick!
    Yeahhhh don't I know it!
    I am working on sending you Tom Hardy wrapped in a cute little bow as a V'day treat. I think that should go down well...
    I hope you know I'm joking and am not an actual lunatic btw, I'm sensing a restraining order haha. You just need to catch on to the motion in the Ocean (cringed myself tbh)
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