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  • Ah, thank you! Just giving the other single a listen, and it's also quite the tune. Glad to hear there's more to come.

    How come you managed to speak with him? (them?) If you know them... well that's a little bit awesome. I feel like I just spend time being 'polite' to everyone musical in my friendship circles. It would be a source of great relief to know someone properly talented.
    Well I was thinking more along the lines of it just being a cute welcome, but I know getting some affection is like trying to get blood out of a stone so I'll take myself elsewhere haha ~

    *plays 'Clown' by Emeli Sande*

    I have decent expectations for Sheff though so I hope i'm not dissaponted.
    Seeing as you have abandoned your own thread... what's the deal with The Other Tribe? I recently discovered Skirts and promptly raved all over my front room. Are they albumming* anytime soon?

    *Not to be confused with 'all bumming'.
    Well I guess I am always up for rough and ready~ (Ya know, in the once every 100 years that the opportunity arises)

    Anways, I can't be mad, I wasn't that offended so you're forgiven I guess.
    ...On the condition that when I hit Sheffield, you greet me with a live performance of 'Beautiful Cause You Love Me' armed with confetti and an orchestral solo.

    Ok? Thanksloveyoubye.
    Danny Dyer?
    As in... DANNY DYER?!
    Who wants it with him? If I never have an intimate relationship again I will sue you.
    Jesus Robhanna, it's like some days you just want me to leave you~
    That Tom Hardy gif is doing things to me that are not appropriate before noon boy!
    Ha cheers! Yours would be even more flawless with some more pics of yo fine self...
    I'm sure everyone remembers...I wouldn't wanna OVERLOAD the thread with fabulousness...or desperation like some~

    Haha I await this plethora of pictures then. And the nude to my inbox but of course.

    Happy Christmas! I hope the fat old bastard in the red suit was good to you!
    Oh Christina that foxy wench. And I'm here right now aftually, have been since the 15th. Christmas in a hot country is an odd experience haha. So how's the gym going then, where are those progress pics for me? Oops i mean pecs.
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