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  • You're a darling! *hug*

    Nooo really? I kinda saw it coming though if I'm honest, stretching it over three films is probably going to give it too much unnecessary bloat.

    And ha fat chance of any pics anytime soon. Asia means carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner so hello obesity, it was a slippery but inevitable slope.
    Yeah the South are superior in every way tbh, it's best to accept it sooner rather than later.

    Yes a watch of Lotr at chrimbo is always in order, the extended editions though of course. I think I might be going to see the Hobbit tomorrow, I need a Tolkien fix! And life is good in my sinful little world, in Malaysia for the holidays visiting family which is a nice change.
    It's basically the scripture. Haha. Screw the Mayans and their world ending fails, we have the truth In our boards.

    The north...what a scary place it is. Haha I'm just kidding, I have been like a handful of times t'up north and have to say I haven't wanted to run home screaming. Do you have an accent? Will I be able to ne'er stand your lingo outside of putting gravy on everything and having a cup of brew? Sorry I'm rmbling here but this is what my Northern friend tells me about his hometown :p

    Ugh screw holiday homework and deadlines, they were meant to be ignored so you can have some good resolutions in the New Year hey!
    How can it be wrong when it feels so right? ;-) didn't you read the random thoughts discussion on pairing users by association? Were together, obvs. Haha.

    I've decided that you need to get your fine ass down to London town. Just not right as I'm not there to jump you haha. How's uni going, I miss student life.
    Of course. I just realised my friend looks like Freddie Stroma. Never saw that in him before until someone pointed it out. Now I can't stop oogling.
    Long time since I've posted on your profile, but I have a new fascination/obsession with this man. Surprisingly, this is one of the few photos where he is wearing clothes, haha.

    DON'T. Never EVER hate yourself. Just enjoy the beautiful people!

    I mean, I could post this:

    Or this:


    Your choice.
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