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    FLO - "Fly Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)" + Debut Album

    Just when I thought they couldn't beat Not My Job... One of the best sample uses I've heard in a long time.
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    The Scream Franchise

    Gale has never been anything other than iconic. She wouldn't know how not to be iconic.
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    Horror films.

    Followed closely by ''move over the window now, you loony psycho bitch!''
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    Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

    She’d have stabbed him 52 times before he even got his finger on the trigger.
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    Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

    Ana Ortiz really is the only choice, as far as I'm concerned. I need Sam and Mother Carpenter to team up and stab the fuck out of someone together.
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    The Great British Bake Off

    What's this now?
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    Ellie Goulding - "By the End of the Night" + Higher Than Heaven (Apr 7)

    Yes! I am more than ready for Still Clubbed Up- The Best of Kelly Llorenna Vol. 2
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    Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation

    So, the predictions have actually decreased the longer her fans have had to listen (or not) to it?
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    Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

    Gale most likely spoke to 2 ghostfaces, no? The first one must have been either Bailey or Ethan, because there's no way Quinn could have grabbed and murdered the boyfriend while talking. But then after Gale shoots through the door, it's Quinn who calls her the second time as it's her phone that...
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    Adele - 30

    If they'd pulled the alt cover trick, they'd have probably sold more. But then when you remember that the HMV ''alternative cover'' was the exact same picture with the colour of her name/30 switched round, which was practically invisible to the naked eye, then it shows the level of effort that...
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    RuPaul's Drag Race UK Tea *SPOILERS*

    Tia the frontrunner, how fantast...
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    The Scream Franchise

    ''What am I supposed to do... work?!'' Say what you want about Scream 4, but Jill made some points.
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    Forum maintenance 2/23

    The forum:
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    Ellie Goulding - "By the End of the Night" + Higher Than Heaven (Apr 7)

    Wait, this really does sound like Flip N Fill meets Angel City. I have no interest in either Calvin or Ellie, but I'm bopping.