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    RAYE - My 21st Century Blues + General Discussion

    I need this to be number one for ten weeks in the new year.
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    RAYE - My 21st Century Blues + General Discussion

    I didn’t like this as much as Black Mascara at first but now I’m absolutely enamoured with it. How to pick a favourite part when there’s at least ten of them? So great to see her so happy with the unexpected success as well! Gal just needs to triple the number of UK tour dates now.
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    World Cup 2022

    The most powerful statement of their supposed activism would have been to go ahead with it despite this risk though. FIFA threatening to sanction the players draws attention to their platform so that they could have made a bigger statement in supporting LGBTQ+ liberation.
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    The Royal Family

    At least their head of state isn’t worth £5 billion and actually works a full time job.
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    BPG CLASSIQUE 2011 - The End

    Taste! No other song beats it for STOMPING on a treadmill at a fast walking pace and imagining I’m at London Fashion Week and not surrounded by hetties at the gym.
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    BPG CLASSIQUE 2011 - The End

    Ddddd I forgot I had an account here until I rediscovered it after becoming obsessed with Girls Aloud this year. I saw this rate and thought I should defend Born This Way as one of my favourite albums ever but had never heard Femme Fatale so listened 3 times and did my scores… Didn’t realise I...