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    Shawn Mendes - "When You're Gone" + General Discussion

    If you look at Ticketmaster, most of the dates are really undersold. I think his team maybe misjudged his appeal for an arena tour after Wonder, and that probably added to the stress of maintaining these dates. I wouldn’t be surprised if he cancels more dates, if not the entire tour. He would be...
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    Robyn - New Album

    Just discovered this and, wow, so gorgeously moody and lush. Deserves a thread bump at the very least.
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    Janet Jackson

    Well, I am glad I watched it, but it was painful and heartbreaking. More than anything, it lacked Janet’s perspective. I think anyone looking for some sort of ultimate redemption- a turn of the clock back 20 years- is going to be disappointed as I was. Perhaps Janet has been right all along to...
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    Lady Gaga

    Omg that trailer is amazing. Where did it go?!?!? I need it back in my life. Edit: looks like she posted it on IG then deleted it 2 minutes later. Thank god its still up elsewhere.
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    Janet Jackson

    Nevermind. I see now that Usher is on the song. Maybe Vol 2 will be all Janet…..
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    Janet Jackson

    Track 9 “Do It Yourself” seemingly doesn’t have a credited feature. I wouldn’t put it past Jan & Jimmy & Terry to have Janet on an uncredited vocal. They’ve always liked to play around with surprises like that (Jan’s unfeatured vocals in the Herb Alpert album, Whoops Now and Can’t Be Stopped as...
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    Kylie Minogue

    Hi, I wonder if this wasn’t actually replaced in AM, but instead is maybe some glitch where AM pulls a track from your own library and slots it in even though you are trying to only stream the original album from their servers. I almost died a few months back thinking that a brand new Fever...
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    Janet Jackson

    Janet usually has a backing track recorded “live” for the tour that she sings over. At strategic points in the songs, the backing track drops out and she is live to give the sense that the whole song is live. Certain songs, usually the ballads that aren’t choreography heavy, are completely live.
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    Janet Jackson

    wait, I have never heard this before! Where did this come from. And who is the guy!?
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    Janet Jackson

    watching this and it’s incredible. Did we know that Janet covered Sylvia’s Pillow Talk??
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    One World: Together At Home Concert

    Gaga, WHERE ARE THE BOPS??? This is depressing.
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    Kylie Minogue

    She also performed On A Night Like This. What a moment.
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    Paula Abdul

    Head Over Heels is my favorite Paula album (sorry)
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    Janet Jackson

    As a Billboard junkie from the 80-00s, I absolutely love this. Janet’s impact will never be erased.
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    Janet Jackson - Together Again (2023 Tour) + ???

    New album and full tour dates confirmed on her insta. Can’t wait for this new era!