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    Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday 2 + Tour

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    Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

    I think an album as long and sprawling as this lends itself to chopping up and making cute little mini album experiences to suit your mood. The 90s alt rock EP that is Bodyguard / Alligator Tears / Just For Fun is really doing it for me right now...
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    Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

    This is such a classic rock album! American Requiem having notes of Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth (is that an interpolation?) and Led Zeppelin's Ramble On, then a Beatles cover, a Beach Boys interpolation, Ya Ya giving Tina Turner and pure Rolling Stones guitar licks.... Gaga wishes...
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    Cardi B - "Enough (Miami)" + 2nd Album

    Enough is not enough!
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    The Celebration Rate: Four Decades Of Music - The Madonna Album Rate

    Well, there goes my 11. Pretty much everything so far has left in the order I would have sent it (if I was trying to be objective, at least), and I do understand why this one is leaving now too. But this record comes at such an interesting time in her career and showcases how multifaceted she is...
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    Lady Gaga - 7th Album

    I just don't understand how she can be so careless with her brand. In the pandemic she was obsessively concerned with how she was coming across. She seemed to be terrified that even mentioning her new album would be perceived as narcissism (which in itself is a narcassistic attitude, but we've...
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    Kim Petras - Slut Pop Miami

    act ii <3
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    Lady Gaga

    Oh yeah.......... I forgot!!!
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    Lady Gaga

    Imagining a Gaga album in late May though... the precedent that has...
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    The Celebration Rate: Four Decades Of Music - The Madonna Album Rate

    As a brit I had no idea that 'slagging off' was something Americans said, especially in the 90s!
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    janet. the discography rate.

    Oh my god I thought it was just me. I can't think about this song now without a little Samuel L bopping in the corner of my mind's eye
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    I find the second section a bit nothing-y but the first bit is RAW FILTH, huh huh huh!
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    Canada's Drag Race (S4)

    This season having, what, one comedy queen? Is not going to go in its favour, and I haven't even been a huge fan of most of CDR's comedy queens. A good season needs a Jimbo or Priyanka, a fashion girl who can also be smart and funny like Fierce, Icesis, Gisèle...
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    Allie X - Girl with No Face

    I feel genuinely in danger from this album already. Help
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    Your unpopular pop opinions

    The songs are decent but I find Dua's image so boring.