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  • It's so fiercely competitive to get into, though, is it not? It must be lucrative for that reason alone! I knew someone who did IR and they got a fancy banker job so!!!

    TBH people from like philosophy get into snooty bank jobs so I can't imagine you'd struggle with IR!

    No, one of my close friends in St Andrews was from Essex and was lovely (and quite posh!!!). It was a trek for her too. I can imagine that would make it harder.

    I think also, Physics was so intense and time-consuming that maybe it helped ward the stir-craziness, I don't know. How involved is IR? I got the impression it was really difficult??? I would have thought it would be good for employability. I've not even USED my degree for anything yet. I probably should. (I keep forgetting I actually have it tbh... mess... it's printed on like tissue paper unless you take out a mortgage to pay for it to be printed on some kind of royal SCROLL thing hahah. I did not...)
    Oh really? How silly!

    I've not been away long enough to really MIIIIISSSSSS it to the extent that I feel the need to go on a trip, but I definitely will at some point (probably for holidays throughout my life when i'm older and a competent adult) because it's just such a lovely town, you know? I used to spend ages just going on walks with my iPod round the place. There's so many great walks!

    Yeah it is very insular and bubble-like, hence the name. I live in Glasgow so it wasn't a problem for me to go home at the holidays or on random weekends. I imagine it would be quite grim if traveling wasn't so convenient!
    Hahah this is very true. You would have gotten Sticks + Stones as your Raisin gift or however it works (it's been too long) tbh.

    Aw St Andrews!!! I spent like my whole life in the Physics building cursing my degree choice but I do miss the town and people. SAVOUR IT!!! BUY YOURSELF A JANETTAS AND THINK OF ME!!!!!!! (I lived LITERALLY above Janettas for two years... what kind of diabetic hell!!
    I think I saw that banded about Facebook... as well as the champagne thing (?!?!) IDK!!

    Aw you're an ickle boibey!! I'm guessing we won't know each other irl then =(((( I could have been your academic parent ='(((((((( We could have told everyone we met on a pop forum and made them feel uncomfortable ='((((((((((((((((((((((

    I am in the real world in the sense of not being in uni but not in the sense of having an impressive career. But I've not actually APPLIED for a PROPER career job or anything so don't lament your employment prospects on my account!!
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