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    Zak Abel

    I love him but it was always a real stretch to tour given his profile and how long it had been since his debut.
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    Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

    But just like Coconuts and Future Starts Now they are going to deflate all the buzz by looping one snippet constantly for the next month.
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    Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation

    A moment indeed but one of the worst vocal productions of all time. A few tweaks and it would be an 11/10.
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    Busted - "Loser Kid 2.0 (feat. Simple Plan)" (Apr 14) + 20th Anniversary Tour

    I feel like the albums really came in the wrong order. Half Way There was the modern punk-pop album people were craving in 2016. People would have been open to the sound of Night Driver as a progression from that. I think it was just too much of a departure from their original sound to accompany...
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    Shakira - "BZRP Music Sessions #53" + General Discussion

    I really love this woman despite the recent shenanigans and some of her inconsistent output in the 2010s. I hope she rides this wave of goodwill and success she is having now into an album and a tour. I don’t think people are talking enough about how impressive and unprecedented it is that she...
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    Their best so far! The production is great.
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    Demi Lovato - “Still Alive” + HOLY FVCK

    I’m bald! This is fantastic and dare I say, better than the original.
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    Janet Jackson

    All Nite is incredible but the lyrics are completely indecipherable for the average radio listener, so I’m not confident that even without the conspiracy against her, it wouldn’t have struggled. R&B Junkie and Island Life sounded most like “hits” to me.
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    Avatar: The Way of Water

    The way this damn movie is still at the cinema. I can’t. James Cameron stays securing his bag.
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    Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

    Perched for the mess when she announces vinyl represses for the bonus tracks.
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    Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

    I don't think artists or labels really appreciate how critical it is to curate your digital discography to be as streamlined and intuitive to navigate as possible, as it really becomes a barrier to entry unless you are an obsessive fan. Unless they do something differently, her online...
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    Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

    Processing the fact that if she’s doing no co-writes on Speak Now she is not recording a solo version of this mega-bop: “:(“
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    Gwen Stefani - 5th Album

    Yes, her cosmetics line that she should have started 15 years ago.
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    Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

    This is exciting but too disorganised for me ddd
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    Janet Jackson

    I love that this absolute doomsday scenario happened and it never occurred to anyone that the easy way out might be to release the album she recorded and planned a tour for. The Jacksons have a history of thinking that contracts are birthday party invitations that they can just turn down on the...