• If you are talking about what I think you are talking about, yes I was slightly bewildered by it all, haha.

    No need, it's cool. Appreciate the message though!
    Whatever, they were slandering people saying they were doing hard drugs in the thread. You could have sent me a private message instead of leaving a post on my profile by the way.
    It's been in the mid-50's all week and next week we've got mid-60's. Pretty decent for Ohio! How about you?
    There are few people in Beyonce's album thread constantly trolling and starting off topic arguments. I know it's also my bad for taking the bait and participating in it, but it's really getting out of hand. I would really appreciate if you could just simply visit that thread and ask everyone to stay on topic? Thanks in advance.
    happy new year buddy!
    I did ask for a tyre swing, preferably with Lana still inside, but all I got were some novelty socks! Still, there's always next year!
    As Peter would say:

    [I think Someboy is above average]
    Could you please change the title of this thread to "Lady Gaga - ArtPop (4th Studio Album, 2013)"?

    Thanks. By the way, your PM inbox is full!
    Now you're just Someboy that I used to know, someboooooooooy that i used to know.
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