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    Nothing in London either. Logged on - no GA tickets listed, and none of the others actually working...
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    Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

    It's very close to Stonebridge's 'Put Em High' in places.
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    Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

    I saw 'Mass' last night. Poor Ann Dowd.
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    2022 BRIT Awards

    I think the whole thing very visibly missed the international side of things. It really didn't feel like there was a big 'moment', it didn't feel starry enough and the whole thing just ended up feeling a little 'local'. Having Ed, Adele and Dave as the big hitters is never going to feel...
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    Years & Years - Night Call

    47 - 17 A hit!
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    Prison missus is brilliant! One of the best cast additions they've had in a while, bags of potential there.
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    Oscar Bait 2021 - 22

    If all films were equal etc, Joanna Scanlan would be in the conversation for all of these awards. A stunning performance. I'd be very happy with her winning the BAFTA.
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    Jesy Nelson - “Bad Thing” + Debut Album

    Because you're on an Internet forum and you've obviously taken the time and effort to follow what's happening, pick apart the nuance of what's gone down over the last week or so and made a judgement as to where blame lies. Do we, genuinely, think the vast majority of the GP have done the same...
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    Jesy Nelson - “Bad Thing” + Debut Album

    Erm, they're right though? I mean, their output might not be tarnished, and their impact might not be tarnished. But they're a group that has been a beacon of friendship and female empowerment for the last ten years, so it doesn't exactly help their brand? No members falling out over a jacket...
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    Jesy Nelson - “Bad Thing” + Debut Album

    And just to make that pill even sweeter - the Little Mix and Anne-Marie track is one place above at 18.
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    Jesy Nelson - “Bad Thing” + Debut Album

    4-19 plummet in the mids. Ouch.
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    Kelis - Dirt (7th Album)

    This is SUCH a great listen. There really are only a few artists that you can listen to talking for over an hour and still want more. I now want Kelis and Grace Jones on a record together!
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    Jesy Nelson - “Bad Thing” + Debut Album

    Number 4 in the mids. Looking at numbers, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s mid to low teens by Friday.
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    *thumbs up emoji*