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  • I was on vacation for 5 days with barely any internet :(. Also who was that you posted on my wall? Marina?

    Whatever, my inbox is clear now!
    I just moved into my new flat and found my physical of Hands. I was a little too happy. I do love her, not quite a stan though.
    ...was that a "clean-your-inbox" MEOW or a more cryptic message? haha
    I told you exactly when it's due to plop into your inbox!

    Remember, Stratus. Remember.
    Yay, someone cared! Thank you<3 My VGA cable broke and I just sorta lost interest in forums when I was reduced to using my Phone and iPod for internet. I would've got back to you sooner but I only just (accidentally) noticed your message, thought I would've got an email or something telling me of new posts...x
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