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    Little Boots

    Not everything about the Hands campaign aged well, but it did produce some great songs. Ivanka Trump and Little Boots
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    Flop singles and albums you love.

    How has this jem not been mentioned yet? Siobhán Donaghy - Ghosts Gorgeous & beautiful album full of timeless, ethereal electronic pop music that was a few years ahead of its time. Release was plagued by production errors, per Wikipedia: "The album was the subject of a manufacturing error...
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    Will Young - Echoes

    Re: Will Young - Echoes (New Album, Produced by Richard X) August 22nd ummm.... "The uploader has not made this video available in your country. Sorry about that." :(
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    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

    Why yes! The lovely, talented Margaret Berger!
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    Margaret Berger

    This link works for me:
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    The Sound of Arrows

    I hope all the promo goes right for them, and radio catches on. I guess having Tiesto remix your debut single is a pretty good thing...
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    Patrick Wolf - The City [Lupercalia 2nd single] 14/03/11

    Well, at least the backing track to Saint Etienne's "Method of Modern Love" has found new life. Seriously, it's exactly the same.
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    Pet Shop Boys - Together

    The video is a lot better than I was expecting. As someone mentioned, it looks like it actually has a budget! I wonder if the dancers are from their ballet...
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    Cheryl Cole - Messy Little Raindrops
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    What happened to Baxendale?

    They put out one quite good album in 2000 - "You Will Have Your Revenge".  It included the epic "Music for Girls": They put out a quite good single in 2005: "I Built This City" we can pretend "Ghetto...
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    I Blame Coco - The Constant

    It's (very heavily) based on Saint Etienne's cover.
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    Pet Shop Boys

    and tim powell (ex-xenomania) is apparently working with them...
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    Re: Hurts - 'Happiness' & 'Wonderful Life' Hopefully Hurts and team are smart enough to release "Devotion" in late autumn & perform certain favors for Simon Cowell to get a spot on the XFactor. The part where Kylie comes in would be a perfect "XFactor" moment and it may give them their first...
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    Sky Ferreira - General Discussion

    an extra 30 minutes would be brilliant but I think you meant 30 seconds!